Red Hair Colour Ideas

by | Oct 15, 2019

I am a Sydney based Hair Colour Specialist that loves all things colourful. I like to approach hair as if it is a blank canvas, and layer the colours to create custom creations for each of my clients.

I love the challenge of Corrective Hair Colour and offer creative solutions on a daily basis. I work both in Sydney salon ‘Edwards and Co’ as well as keeping a busy schedule travelling teaching classes of my own design.

Red Hair Colour IdeasIt was always my dream to work as an artist, and I left high school early to pursue my hairdressing apprenticeship. 15 years ago I followed my dream to study Textile Design and Printing at Sydney's exclusive National Art School which changed my perception of colour theory. My different perspective to the hairdressing norm in presented in my ‘pure' education industry workshops. My salon clientele at Sydney’s Edwards and Co in Surry Hills is incredibly varied. I tend to specialise in Blonde + Redheads + Corrective Hair Colour based on my technical skills and artistic flair.

Obsessed with creating customised hair colour for many years now, I like to paint hair with variation and use the fundamentals of Balayage with multi-tonal colours as opposed to just ‘Bleach+Tone’. If you look closely through a natural redheads mane you will quickly discover how many colours make up their dynamic total look. My approach for redhead clients that are dyeing to be a fiery temptress is to paint varying tones of colour throughout their hair. These colours can include vivid yellows and golds for copper, or plum-violet and crimson for darker aubergine clients.

Favourite Redhead Colours SS19/20

My favourite redhead colours for SS19/20 are:

Cherry Blonde
Mahogany Copper
Rose Blonde

Favourite Redhead Makeup Colours

My favourite makeup colours for redheads are:

Metallic pink eyes with a matte nude lip
Coral lipstick with pink blush and darker brows
and of course
Classic red lipstick and cat eye liquid liner (I think this suits everybody but I may be a little biased to my own signature look)

There are options for high-commitment or the colour shy. Many companies have semi-permanent options that are high gloss and a perfect introduction for clients to experiment with bolder tones.

My hot tip for success when changing a client to a redhead is to advise them to change their makeup. I suggest clients go to their fave brand makeup counter ask for a new nude lipstick plus a fun fashion colour, and let the makeup artist decide for you!

Save these images in your Pinterest folder for ‘Hair Colour Ideas' and take them along to your next visit, or for my hairdresser friends save these to suggest for clients. I am creating a new account over on Pinterest with these images and loads of tips for hairdressers. Come find me and let’s connect and swap pins:


Let’s stay in touch x K

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