Kristina Russell is one of the most talented Hair Colourists and inspirational Hairdressers in the industry. Her out-of-the-box approach to Colour Theory and Hair-painting techniques dazzles and delights, and her ability to communicate this in an educational platform is invaluable.

Mainstage presentations
+ Keynote speaking

As a respected authority on colouring techniques, she takes her artistry around the globe to
share her knowledge with international and local Australian hairdressers alike. She partners
with salon owners to create tailored education for their teams, and facilitates one-on-one
training for hairdressers. Through workshops and social and print media, her role as an
industry mentor is to help hairdressers achieve their colourful goals with flexible pathways for
learning. Education to inspire colour lovers!

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Kristina Russell's experience

Kristina trained at Sydney salon Blondes Brunettes and Redheads, with renowned Vidal Sassoon NYC Colour Director Alyson Schoer. Together they explored creative colour concepts and shared a love for education. Kristina has also studied Colour Theory in Textile
Design at Sydney’s exclusive National Art School, which changed the way she facilitates colour principles for hair industry educational events .

She is a Master Haircolour Artist and former Global Ambassador for Redken 5th Ave NYC, where she was trained by #1 USA Platform Artist Sam Villa and Master Educator Chris Baran in ‘Learner-Focussed’ Education methods. Her commitment to professional education and artistry creates a dynamic and colourful experience for every student and audience member that witnesses Kristina Russell in action.

Some of Kristina's Clients


Kristina is the host of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast. The show shares practical industry advice for colour loving Hairdressers wanting to grow their confidence with all things colour, consultation, personal branding, attracting your dream clientele, social media and biz tips, plus how to stay inspired and more.

She has been featured on these shows as a guest:

Howtocutit EP170: Why You Need to be Podcasting, with Kristina Russell

Why You Need to be Podcasting, with Kristina Russell. Podcast listeners have grown by 37.5% over the last 3 years, whilst 55% of Americans have listened to podcasts. Yes, podcasting is getting big and shows no sign of slowing up. With this in mind isn’t it time your business or brand considers creating a podcast? For todays guest Kristina Russell, podcasting has become an essential part of her hair education business. Something she’s about to share with us all in this episode.

Salon Owners Collective - How to Give Your Client What They Really Need

In this episode, I’m chatting with Kristina Russell. Kristina is a colour expert and industry educator who specializes in consultation tactics and really working alongside the client to get the outcome they really want & need instead of just what they’re booked in for.

Ask the Color Expert by Elaine Travis


Award-Winning Australian Color Expert Kristina Russell shares her top tips for creating gorgeous reds by Ask The Color Expert

Salon Owners Collective • Larissa Macleman | Successfully Increasing Your Salon’s Prices

As a Salon Owner, do you fear putting your prices up and creating boundaries with clients?

I get it. You've been doing things a certain way for so long that making any changes feels scary. You just don't know how clients will respond!

In this episode, I chat with colour specialist and educator Kristina Russell, who you may know from the ‘colourkristinatalks’ podcast – one of my faves.

Secret Life of A Hairstylist with Samantha Lacoste

The Perfect Red with Kristina Russell

Do you struggle with making the perfect Red or Copper?
Do you get hot roots? Does it go warm and not cool? Were you looking for more red and it went copper instead?

We are covering all of this and MORE in today's episode with Red Expert Kristina Russell 

PhorestFM: Kristina Russell On Consultations & Creating Bespoke Colour Journeys

For a first-time colour client, it's easy to think that anything is possible — after all, social media does make us feel like the sky is the limit in terms of creative colour. However, not everything is always possible, and most definitely not in one appointment. If you truly care for the result, you never just get a colour. You commit to one. That means agreeing to consultations, multiple appointments, home care, maintenance, being patient, and of course, being conscious it will require a certain budget.

MamaMia You Beauty Podcast: How To DIY Pastel Hair with Kristina Russell

Have you ever wondered what it's really like to dye your hair a fun pastel shade?

On today's episode, Shazzy sits down with Kristina Russell, Hair Colourist, Educator and Podcast Host.

They chat about who is suited towards going pastel, how to choose the right colour, maintenance and what it really costs.

Would you like to inspire your audience with practical hair industry advice and creative ideas to help them scale their salon biz?…. Then maybe you should consider getting Kristina to come and speak at your next event.

Choose from one of Kristina’s signature presentations, or ask for customisation:

Confident Consultations:

Learn how to approach every consultation with confidence, and how to achieve a shared reality between the client and the hairdresser. Discover how to give your client what they really want with consultation tactics to deliver professional results.

Hair Painting for Redheads:

Red hair colouring is challenging! Learn how Kristina’s trademark ‘5,6,7,8 colour rule’ will help you understand the full spectrum of formulating reds from darker tones to lighter shades


Colour Chords for Hairdressers:

Learn to paint by numbers to repeat successful formulas for Blondes, Brunettes or Redheads using analogies between colours of the spectrum and notes of the musical scale. Gain a deep understanding of Kristina’s unique approach to colour chords to help you paint hair with confidence for every salon request.

The Only 3 Foil Highlights you need to know:

Wondering if changing your foil angles can help to customise your clients hair colour? Kristina breaks it down into the importance of knowing your angles when foiling to achieve your desired results for customised techniques.

How to effectively quote for Colour Corrections:

Do you struggle with hair colour correction consultations and knowing what to quote for large jobs? It’s difficult to know how to quote for profit when taking on large jobs. Learn Kristina’s exact approach for transformative results.


Some previous Keynote and Platform Artistry experience:

  • Behind the Chair ‘The Color Show’: Grand finale show model for the Colour Red was created by Kristina Russell. She delivered a 60 minute show to audiences with the Global Artistic team for Redken 5th Ave NYC. Other presenters at the event included Kim Vo, Beth Minardi and Anthony Mascolo.
  • Bayou Street Blonde USA Hair Show: Kristina Russell Education video shown to audience for Whittemore House NYC Hair Paint
  • Las Vegas Symposium for Redken: MainStage Presenter 3 times for the world’s largest single manufacturer Hair Show. Produced and coloured 3 shows per day for the 3 day event. 10,000 hairdressers attend this bi-annual event. Audiences ranged from 500 – 5,000 for each presentation.
  • The Colour Queens: Kristina is the Pastel and Redhead Queen in this incredibly successful collaborative team, Australia and New Zealand. Touring with Belinda Keeley (Chumba), Mia De Vries (the secret fox education), Grant Norton Education
    and Monique McMahon (QUE Colour).
  • Kristina has taught 15+ times at the #1 Hair Academy in the USA (#1 favourite academy as voted by Stylists Choice Awards): Kristina taught 4 day Creative Colour
    programs to international classes of qualified hairdressers with the elite team of Platform Artists. She worked with industry legends Chris Baran, Kris Sorbie, Ruth Roche, Sean Goddard, David Stanko and assisted Tracey Cunningham
  • Sweden: Designed and painted wigs for Designer Bea Svenfeld’s Stockholm presentation for Redken. Bea creates outfits from paper and Kristina coloured synthetic wig with paint and presented onstage with a keynote sharing trends
    inspired by Andy Warhol’s studio. Taught alongside Session Stylist Richard Kavanagh.
  • How to Colour Fine Hair and Give Volume Workshop: Stockholm LOREAL Academy
  • USA Blonde Idol Launch for National Redken Artistic Connection: Train the Trainer with new product launch and methods to translate to global market
  • Redken Chromatics Ammonia Free Colour Launch: ‘Look and Learn’ demonstrations across Australia and USA
  • Singapore Fashion Week: Colour Director Kristina Russell shared what’s trending to the fashion crowd straight from the catwalk pre-show in her keynote presentation. Hair designed by Canadian Fashion Week Director Jorge Joao
  • Kristina Russell Education presents ‘CANVAS’ 2 day workshops: Experiential and artistic independent education for Hairdressers across Australia She is a Master Haircolour Artist and former Global Ambassador for Redken 5th Ave NYC, where she was trained by #1 USA Platform Artist Sam Villa and Master Educator Chris Baran in ‘Learner-Focussed’ Education methods. Her commitment to professional education and artistry creates a dynamic and colourful experience for every student and audience member that witnesses Kristina Russell in action.

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