Colour Chords

 Hair Biz Magazine (Year 12, Issue 5)

2018 Haircolour Trends For Every Client

 Hair Biz Magazine (Year 12, Issue 4)

Ultra Violet

 Hair Biz Magazine (Year 12, Issue 2)

Colour Trends

Hair Biz Magazine (Jan 2017, Issue 1)


Hair Biz Magazine (Year 12 Issue 1)

Colour Queens

Hair Biz Magazine (Year 11 Issue 4)

The Full Spectrum

Hair Biz Magazine (Year 11 Issue 2)

Pastel Masterpiece

Hair Biz Magazine (Year 11 Issue 2)

Nude Haircolour

Hair Biz Magazine (Year 11)

Hair Vandals

ir Biz Magazine (Year 10 Issue 3)


Hair Biz Magazine (Year 10 Issue 1)

About me

An exceptionally talented and true artist, Kristina Russell has been at the pinnacle of hairdressing for two decades…

She’s worked in some of Sydney’s top salons prior to joining Edwards & Co. – a warehouse studio housing Sydney’s most innovative freelance hairdressers. 

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We are an alliance of salons providing safe spaces for the LGBTQ community.

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