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Kristina Russell is renowned for her unique approach to colouring hair as if it is a ‘blank canvas’. Combining hair painting and precise foiling, Kristina creates a 3rd dimension by colouring in shadows and texture. She absolutely loves the challenge of corrective colour, and offers creative solutions to her clients on a daily basis. Her salon clientele at Sydney’s Edwards and Co in Surry Hills is incredibly varied. She tends to specialise in hair painting Blondes + Redheads + Corrective Haircolour + Transformations based on her technical skill and creative flair.

Classic Hair Foils

Half Head

From $280

Full Head Foils

From $400

3/4 Head

From $280

Crown & Parting

From $210

Full head

From $320


From $110

Extra product may be charged
if necessary for thick or long hair.


Freestyle haircolour to emphasise the natural movement in your hair. Loose layers come alive with colour, blurring from deeper roots to lighter ends. Balayage can also be combined with Foil Highlights for the ultimate Sydney beach hair that is customised for Blondes, Brunettes or Redheads.

Extra product may be charged if necessary for long and thick hair. All Balayage services will have additional charges for toning and treatments applied.

Hairpainting and Balayage services are customised to suit individual client needs. These prices serve as a guide only. 


From $290

Balayage Retouch for returning clients

From $230

Virgin Balayage

From $330

Balayage Retouch
with Base

From $310


Classic toner

Short $100
Medium $110
Long Hair from $120

Root stretch

From $85

Maxi Toner

(Root Smudge plus Basin Balayage)
From $210

Clear Glaze Applied Between Foils

From $90

Zone toner

From $130


Base Breaker

From $110



Olaplex is the most revolutionary product of our time. Olaplex  helps to maintain the hair integrity during lightening services, and is proven to dramatically reduce the chance of breakage post colour services. Can be applied with colour service and recommended to maintain at home between visits.


Short – $50
Medium – $60
Long – $70

Take home

Take home bottle of
Bond Perfector #3 – $50

Colour kick

Virtue Colour Kick is the first-ever hair filler made from 100% pure, human keratin. Mixed right in the colour bowl, it repaves the cuticle of the hair and refills the keratin that’s eroded through the colouring process. Now you can lift higher, minimise breakage, and experience better grey coverage, and hair that’s actually healthier after colouring than it was before.

Colour Kick


Olaplex and Colour Kick


Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care

Treat your hair with this super deluxe French hair masque. These treatments add tonal variation to coloured hair whilst delivering moisture. The ultimate treatment for colour lovers needing to refresh and recharge their colour. Available in several shades for blondes, brunettes or redheads.

In-salon treatment

$25 with any colour service

Permanent +
Solid Colour


From $185


From $300


From $230

Virgin Application Long

From $370


From $250

Onscalp Bleach services

Scalp Bleach Regrowth

From $210

Scalp Bleach Thick

From $450

Scalp Bleach Normal

From $315

Virgin Bleach

And large colour transformation services are charged at $170 per hour

Hair Painting
Pastels + Vivids

Customised freehand haircolour applied in a painterly approach by Kristina can range on pricing depending on the amount of hair coloured and longevity of brand used. Let’s paint!

Pulp Riot Haircolour

Lasts up to 20 washes.
From $190 

Evo Fabuloso colour

Lasts 4-8 washes
$55 per application

Corrective colour

Corrective Colour requires a consultation and an agreed timeline for future appointments. Several appointments may be necessary to achieve your dream hair, however some colour corrections are minor and possible in one visit. Service packages will include a customised treatment program plus home-care products (shampoo, conditioner, treatment and heat protection products).

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I am the Australian Ambassador for the Dresscode Project, a global alliance of salons and barbershops committed to providing positive, gender-affirming services for LGBTQ+ clients.

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