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Muvo Hair

When I initially tried MUVO’s temporary toning products it was love at first sight. MUVO is an ethical and Australian-owned high-performing, salon professional haircare brand. MUVO ships globally and is available both online and in salons. I love MUVO's options for colour toning, regular cleansing shampoos and conditioners, plus their treatment range.


The best profit-boosting tool for salons! SalonScale takes the stress out of managing everything in the salon, from pricing to inventory. You can measure and track your colour in real-time. This is the best investment I've made in my salon biz. Great news! I've partnered with SalonScale to offer you a 10% discount on your first-year membership.

Social Media Templates

If you’re a Hairdresser seeking to attract dream clients or an Instagram-savvy business owner, Your Template Club is a game-changer! The team behind Your Template Club is constantly analyzing trends & adding new templates so you're ALWAYS posting new styles of content. This membership save you a TON of time!

Hello Bleach bib

Reels Report

I love Reels Report! Every week you'll receive an email with trending audio and inspiration links. The research is done for you by a team of experts. It's your ticket to staying ahead of the trends (easily!!) for both Instagram and TikTok.

If you want to save time and avoid doom-scrolling, look no further than this membership by IG Expert Laura B.

Hello Bleach bib

Hello Bleach Tools

Hello Bleach is where creativity meets sustainability and innovation dances with style. I love their colour bib for easy and professional Hair-painting and Bowlyage techniques, plus their fabulous whisk and pro tools for Hair Artists. Great news! I've partnered with Hello Bleach to offer you 10% off their pro tools. Use code at checkout: KRISTINA10

Instagram Coach Nicole Healy

The go-to social media services for thousands of Hairdressers! Are you feeling overwhelmed with your socials and need a Social Media Coach to show you the way? My hair bestie Nicole Healy will hold your hand, walk you through the steps, and make social media feel fun, and enjoyable for your business growth!

Salon Appointment Software App

This is a user-friendly salon software designed specifically for hairdressers in their appointment setups. It saved me so much time and boosted efficiency and profitability in the salon!

Salon Pricing Calculator

Most hair and beauty business owners are awesome at their crafts, but not at pricing. Maddi Cooks's online course and pricing calculator transformed my salon business to become wildly successful and profitable.

She created ‘Boss Your Salon', to show YOU that you have it in you to start building the salon business of your dreams.

Start your own Podcast show

Libsyn’s built-in podcast recording ensures that everyone, beginner to expert, can easily share their unique voice with the world.

Teach your own course

Unlock the full potential of your online courses with Kajabi! Elevate your online teaching experience with this all-in-one platform, which I love for my online courses, digital products and email marketing.

Social Media Scheduling App

Whether you're an independent stylist or work at a salon, scheduling apps can revolutionise the way you manage your online presence. Planoly is my favourite scheduling app designed to make your life easier.

Salon point-of-sale System

Square POS has been a game-changer for my hairdressing business, streamlining payment processing and enhancing the overall customer service. I use Square to collect deposits and in-salon for services.

Color Map

This amazing map from Josh Comeaux is a great tool for teaching colour theory and the underlying tones of Hair Pigments and shades of Blonde to help formulate colour before application on actual hair with a visual of the outcome. 

My fashion faves

Indulge in the epitome of Australian style with my absolute favourite fashion and accessory brands! Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of these Aussie-owned gems that I not only own but passionately adore. 

My fave fashion brand

The Watson sisters Liberty + Somer, make the kind of pieces that are your any-days and every-days: the kind you dress up, dress down, just so long as you are dressed in them with soft fits and clean lines, each pick of their collection is effortlessly wearable, refined and relaxed.

My fave colourful brand

Gary Bigeni pushes the limits of fashion as individual expression through his custom made-to-order fine art collections. Original designs are hand-painted by Gary directly onto ethically sourced eco-cotton. Intended to last a lifetime, all pieces are gender-neutral and designed to reflect the distinctive personality of the wearer.

My fave bags and totes

State of Escape is an international design brand connecting the contemporary woman with her curiosity through an intuitively created collection of bags.

Simple, effortless and beautifully handcrafted. Made to order in Sydney, Australia.