Living Coral

by | Oct 22, 2019

I love the new 2019 Color of the Year!
PANTONE 16-1546 ‘Living Coral'.

Each December, the international colour forecasting authority Pantone selects a new hue it feels will define the 12 months ahead. Recently, they announced the Pink-Orange nature-inspired hue will be the next big thing next year, calling it “an animating and life-affirming shade of orange with a golden undertone.” — People magazine

Living Coral

Something you may not know about me is that I studied Colour Theory for three years within my Textile Design course at National Art School. This is where I first discovered Pantone and have been in love ever since. I want to share how you can create your own salon forecasting by researching Pantone’s colour of the year, past and present. Since then I have been injecting colour mixing and theory from a different perspective to the hairdressing norm, presented in my ‘pure’ education approach.

Pantone predicts the colour will pop up next year in fashion and beauty products, hair colours, home design trends, new technology and beyond. While each year, Pantone’s pick seems to divide public opinion, it’s worth noting that the hue selected is a forecast for the future.

Living Coral

And for those of you who don't yet know me… let me re-introduce myself to you.
Hi! My name is Kristina Russell and I am a pastel loving Redhead Expert Hair Colourist at Sydney ‘Edwards and Co’ (wowweee!! that sure is a mouthful). And do you know WHY I am SOOOO excited?!

I am excited because our clients will be falling in love with warm Pinky-Orange hues for their hair. And in fact, they will probably start wearing Coral and buying more Coral objects for their homes too.

If you need a bit of #inspiration, have a look at my niche clientele consisting of Golden Coppers and Coral Hair Colour across my Insta.

My first ever eBook on ‘Hair-Painting for Redheads’ has just been released! And the best news for all you Colour Lovers, is that it is available for you all to download for FREE! That's right, Colour Lovers, you can access loads of tips and tricks on Hair-Painting for Redheads for FREE… plus, I am currently working on releasing a podcast soon!

Living CoralRedheads and Coral Hair Colour can be challenging to perfect when working as a Hairdresser in the salon. Sometimes Reds + Coppers require double processing similar to Blondes or Balayage. Let me give you an example: perhaps you need to apply a Base Bump to the hair before applying a vibrant Copper. When working with warm colours we need to always consider the undertone, and whether to enhance or counteract it. Usually with Reds we need to enhance the existing undertone. But sometimes the rules were meant to be broken, right?

Obsessed with creating customised hair colour for many years now, I like to paint hair with variation and use the fundamentals of Balayage with multi-tonal colours as opposed to just ‘Bleach+Tone’. If you look closely through a natural redhead’s mane, you will quickly discover how many colours make up their dynamic total look. My approach for Redhead clients who are dyeing to be a fiery temptress is to paint varying tones of colour throughout their hair. These colours can include vivid Yellows and Golds for Copper, or Plum-Violet and Crimson for darker Aubergine clients.

5 HOT TIPS to Hair-Painting 2019’s hottest trend ‘Coral’ Hair Colour

  1. Ask your client, “Would you like temporary or permanent colour?”
  2. If you want an Orange Copper, use a Level 7 (always!)
  3. Red or Pink Coppers live at a Level 6 (and anything darker heads to Berry and Violet tones), so consider whether your client suits Pink or Orange based hair colour before painting!
  4. Try Freehand Hair-Painting with bleach before dyeing with Coral as a Toner for brighter dimension + shine
  5. Hair colour should be FUN! Have a play painting some hair strands yellow… go on, I dare you! Then glaze or tone with a pink-based copper. Let’s dust off those tubes of yellow and bring them down to the mixing table.

Living CoralWould you like to know how to formulate the perfect (and natural looking) Red for every client? I am not sure about you, but I have accidentally dyed client’s hair very bright at the roots in the past and needed to correct my own colours. I used to get some Reds gorgeous and others looked like Blueberry packet dyes… until I studied Colour Theory for 3 years many years ago at art school. Now I am proudly dubbed the ‘Redhead Expert’ at Sydney's Edwards and Co.

After a lot of research to see what education is available for Hairdressers, I discovered that nobody else is offering Redhead programs, other than the odd brand launch. I felt inspired to share my approach for Successful Redheads in my workshops this year across Australia. I have listened to student and industry feedback and created a practical guide that is translatable for all colour loving Hairdressers.

Learn how my unique approach to Creative Colour Theory will make your Redhead requests skyrocket in your salon! Link for free download is available via the opt-in form on the side of this page.


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