Colour Chords Theory for Hairdressers #3

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Colour Theory that is based on principles or laws of colour remain consistent. Hairdressers that are grounded in these principles have the best ability to adapt their knowledge and offer the latest trends to clients with success every time.

Keen to learn more about my adaptable approach to Colour Theory for Hairdressers?  I have been teaching my unique approach to formulating Redheads + Pastels + “Fussy Blondes” in my recent workshops, and students are loving their colour results! I feel inspired to share these principles with my blog readers. Some of this knowledge may be repeating what you already know, but forget to use sometimes. And I hope some of this article will help to enlighten you with a new and fool-proof approach to salon client requests.

Colour Theory #3 Complementary

Complementary relationships are done in pairs, and those pairs sit directly opposite each other on the colour wheel. Red and Green, Orange and Blue, Yellow and Purple are all complementary colours.

When to use it in hair :

Complementary Colours are worth considering when Filling Hair or going darker, but most commonly we use these colours when formulating a Toner. If you have a client with unwanted Yellow tones, we usually apply a purple toner. Brunettes wanting to lighten without exposing their red undertones would require a Green based toner, or a lighter Brunette with orange brassiness may need blue based toning.

Thanks, Colour Lovers x

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