Colour Chords Theory for Hairdressers #2

by | May 13, 2019

Colour Theory that is based on principles or laws of colour remain consistent.

Hairdressers that are grounded in these principles have the best ability to adapt their knowledge and offer the latest trends to clients with success every time. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change”, is a famous quote by Charles Darwin. I believe our industry is rapidly changing and clients are become more educated (can be a good or bad thing sometimes) thanks to social media tips posted by fellow hairdressers.

Keen to learn more about my adaptable approach to Colour Theory for Hairdressers? I have been teaching my unique approach to formulating Redheads + Pastels + “Fussy Blondes” in my recent workshops, and students are loving their colour results! I feel inspired to share these principles with my blog readers. Some of this knowledge may be repeating what you already know, but forget to use sometimes. And I hope some of this article will help to enlighten you with a new and fool-proof approach to salon client requests.

Colour Theory #2 Split – Complementary

The variation on a complementary colour relationship is called split-complemetary. You start with one hue (colour), then pic the two hues that sit on either side of its complement. This Colour Chord plays off the complementary relationship, creating a lively and slightly clashing colour result.

When to use it in hair

Use Split-Complementary when you want to create traffic-stopping Creative Haircolours. This Colour Chord makes our brain stop and look, and this dramatic effect is ideal for Unicorn Hair and artistic clients. Something fun to try could be a 8 level Peach + 9 level Apricot + Pale Turquoise (this is getting me all excited…. we just need to find a willing model to play with!) Or perhaps you could try a Cool Violet/Grey Colour Melt with warm Pink and Yellow ends, as worn by my artist friend Tal Fitzpatrick.

x Kristina

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