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by | Feb 11, 2019

‘Let’s Paint!’ blog is based on my experiences reading ‘The Artists Way’ by Julia Cameron

 Have you ever longed to be able to paint or write music, or perhaps to have the confidence to paint hair with vivid tones? Would you like to know something that I used as a tool to reawaken my inner artist a few years ago? I would love to help you gain confidence to explore and be more creative.

 As I write this article blog, my mind is whirling around with creative possibilities, but that wasn’t always the case. Sometimes life throws challenging things your way personally or professionally and it can be hard to bounce back creatively. I believe creativity is integral to my happiness as a human being, and especially as a Haircolourist who loves to paint.

A couple of years ago, I read the seminal book on the subject of creativity, called ‘The Artists Way’ by Julia Cameron. This book is a spiritual path to unlocking higher creativity. I think I am revealing my inner hippy as I write this. I wanted to help share how I renewed my belief and passion as an artist. Because let’s face it… Hairdressers are indeed Artists!

loved reading the book ‘The Artists Way’ and enjoyed following the daily steps suggested in this 12-week program. I began to write a daily journal and acknowledged creative things I would like to try, which included writing and collaborating with other hairdressers.

The guide suggests to do a weekly ‘artist date’, which could be anything that you choose that is artistic. Self-care is something we often see all over social media or on daytime TV. Recovering your artistic self is an incredibly cathartic and energising experience. I began to love the weekly artist dates.

“Give yourself permission to be a beginner. By being willing to be a bad artist, you have a chance to BE an artist, and perhaps, over time, a very good one.” – Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

It was always my dream to work as an artist, and I left high school early to pursue my hairdressing apprenticeship. 15 years ago, I followed my dream to study Textile Design and Printing at Sydney’s exclusive National Art School which changed my perception of colour theory. My different perspective to the hairdressing norm is presented in my ‘pure’ education industry workshops. My salon clientele at Sydney’s Edwards and Co in Surry Hills is incredibly varied. I tend to specialise in Blonde + Redheads + Corrective Haircolour based on my technical skills and artistic flair.

Obsessed with creating customised haircolour for many years now, I like to paint hair with variation and use the fundamentals of Balayage with multi-tonal colours as opposed to just ‘Bleach+Tone’. If you look closely through a natural redhead’s mane, you will quickly discover how many colours make up their dynamic total look. My approach for Redhead clients who are dyeing to be a fiery temptress is to paint varying tones of colour throughout their hair. These colours can include vivid Yellows and Golds for Copper, or Plum-Violet and Crimson for darker Aubergine clients.

After a lot of research to see what education is available for Hairdressers, I discovered that nobody else is offering Redhead program, other than the odd brand launch. I felt inspired to share my approach for successful Redheads in my national workshops this year.

As an Artist who is forever evolving and giving myself permission to be a beginner again, I decided to also write my first ever eBook. I chose a topic that I am passionate about and wrote the Ultimate Guide for Hair-Painting Redheads. My process involved collecting my fave hair pics of Reds + Coppers, plus compiling a lot of short insta tips into a lengthier word doc. I hired somebody to do the basic page design because I didn’t believe that I could do it. Sometimes outsourcing is necessary, but I now understand this was a necessary step for me in changing a belief. I needed to see what I didn’t want the eBook to look like, so I could feel motivated to create my own.

Late last year I launched my brand-spanking NEW eBook!! Did you get your copy yet? The Ultimate Guide to Hair-Painting for Redheads is a practical guide for colour loving Hairdressers… and you know the best news?! It is available for free download. I will pop the link at the bottom of this article, so keep reading Colour Lovers. I also have the link in my instagram bio @ColourKristina

After lots of trial and error, I decided to create the eBook myself in CANVA. It is such a great program for designing social media tiles and eBooks, but learning the steps was almost as difficult (and slow!) as my first Full Head of Foil Highlights. But that’s another story for another time!

I am a high school dropout. Do you know that song that is famously sung in Grease? ‘Beauty school drop out…… lalalala…….. go back to high school…. lalala’

 I am also a passionate Haircolour Educator with 25 years’ industry experience who has the ability to keep learning new things, just like you! I wanted to create an eBook (actually, this will be the first of many, I hope) that is a gift for an industry that I love. Hairdressing is the right place for me, and I have been incredibly lucky to travel the globe teaching classes of my own design. Plus, I have learnt from so many industry greats along the way. I wanted to give back to my hairdresser family and students.

My FREE eBook guide is the ultimate checklist to ensure that you have:

✔️ A well thought out strategy on Hair-Painting for Redheads

✔️You have a strong understanding of Colour Theory principles

✔️ Confidence to paint and know how to meet client expectations

✔️ Everything you need to consider before painting your next client RED 💋

I am so excited to be touring to more locations this year with my colourful education programs. Each workshop includes live demo’s in the morning session, plus a ‘hands-on’ workshop in the afternoon. My focus for 2019 Haircolour Education is all about Hair-Painting for Redheads + Coppers + Pastels, plus sharing my logical approach for Colour Corrections.

My education programs are awesome for Emerging Colourists, All-Rounders, Haircolour Lovers, Salon Owners and anybody on your team looking to develop into a Haircolour Expert in your salon that clients will love. Haircolour formulas will be discussed in a universal language that is transferrable to every brand.

Come and rediscover your inner artist with me in one of my workshops.



 Thanks, Colour Lovers x


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