Gemstone haircolour

by | Jun 27, 2018

My signature style is artistic colours with dimension.

My signature style is artistic colours with dimension. I am known for my unique approach to colouring hair, as if it is a blank canvas. Combining hair painting and precise foiling, I like to create a third dimension by colouring in shadows and texture.

I have been exploring gemology for a couple of years, to create next level customised hair colour for my clients with temporary toning conditioners.

You may have seen across my social media, a lot of sparkly redheads and strawberry blonds. These are showcasing my typical client requests, as well as providing inspiration for new clients wanting some fresh ideas. My redhead and blonde clients have been loving this approach and lately with careful experimentation, I started offering this to our darker haired brunette clients.

Blondes have been requesting pearl, or diamond, or opal tones. Redheads are loving the hues of topaz, ruby and amber. Darker brunettes love having some navy blue, or deep indigo, or violet mixed in with onyx and coffee bean tones.

Gemstone hair colour is beautiful and temporary. The way that it is achieved is by mixing direct dyes into a conditioning treatment.

Sounds too good to be true? Come and see me at Edwards And Co. in Surrey Hills, to decide how gemstone hair colour can not only look beautiful, but make your hair feel healthier too.

x Kristina

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