Bronde Haircolour

by | Feb 10, 2018

Bronde haircolour stole the limelight from Ombre and has quickly become one of the most requested salon services. It is not Blonde and it is not Brunette. It is a beautiful shade that sits somewhere in-between.

Bronde is a technique that fuses Brunette with a seamless sun-kissed effect. This trend is loved by celebrities Lily Aldridge, Blake Lively, Beyonce and Giselle to name a few. We all love to know what the latest trends, but with all the buzz words and hashtags across social media it can be confusing to know what to ask for in the salon.

As a Haircolour Artist I have been privileged to work alongside amazing talent for the past 15 years as an Educator for leading haircare companies gaining invaluable knowledge and mentors. Formerly I was a Global Ambassador for Redken 5th Ave NYC, travelling frequently educating and training hairstylists in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and across the USA. 

2016 was my most exciting year to date, by taking an artistic risk that is already paying off. I launched Kristina Russell Education and stepped away from the safety zone of a large multi-national company. I had the honour of using all my skills developed over the last 2 decades of hairdressing, and am delivering relevant education to hairdressers. I balance working in Sydney salon Edwards and Co, whilst traveling the globe teaching classes of my own design. Basically I love colour and love to share my passion with others.

My new blog posts are aimed to help my clients and consumers know what’s on trend and to be informed about their personal haircolour choices. Hairdressers will read these too of course because of my profile, however my mission is to help people understand the potential of fabulous haircolour and how to get it!

The key to Bronde is to ask your Haircolourist for a consultation and get advise on tones that will enhance your eye colour and complexion. Face framing foils combined with soft balayage to enhance your hairline are the secrets to a successful Bronde, when combined with your natural hair. This look is low-maintenance and designed to enhance your natural Brown or Dark Blonde. Adding lightness around your face line creates shine and texture with the colour reminiscent of childhood Summers.

I would love to see your Bronde creations. Please tag me in your social media x

x Kristina

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