Episode 150

What is Cowgirl Copper? Deciphering trends the easy way…


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What we'll be talking about

I have an exciting episode lined up for you. We're diving into the sizzling trend that's been taking the beauty world by storm – Cowgirl Copper hair colour! We’ll be talking about how to decipher trends and adapt them to suit your salon clientele.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Copper will always be trending, whether we call it Kendall Copper, Cowgirl Copper or Pumpkin Spice,  it’s a classic colour that all Hairdressers must know how to do. You can not simply have one tube of colour you mix up for every Copper request because there are so many variations that range from brownish caramels to vibrant orange and everything in between. Cowgirl Copper, also known as Red Copper or Rusty Red, draws its inspiration from the American West. Think of the warm, earthy tones of desert landscapes, and you've got the idea. What sets it apart is the balance between fiery red and natural copper hues, creating a mesmerizing, multidimensional effect that's both vibrant and wearable. Cowgirl Copper is the hottest colour trend of the moment & it’s a heck of a lot spicier than Caramel.

Show notes for podcast episode 150

I love this trend within the red hair colour spectrum because it’s luring more and more brunettes to try something new. They're stepping away from the ash balayage requests and feeling brave to get a warm glow-up. Yay! Finally! This trend is perfect for any dark brunette client wanting to try something new and head lighter because the first steps are always warm. Cowgirl Copper is stunning for dark, medium, and lighter brunettes seeking a delicious rich warmer haircolour.

The Cowgirl Copper look starts with a rich, coppery base. Depending on your client's natural hair colour, you might need to pre-lighten it slightly to achieve the right level of warmth. Once you've got that perfect base, you'll apply a mix of red and copper shades, strategically placed to create dimension and depth. The goal is to mimic the natural play of light on fiery copper hair.

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Listen to learn more in Episode 150 of the Colour Kristina Talks podcast to learn what the difference is between Cowgirl Copper and Caramel.


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