Episode 149

The Secret to Gold Grey Coverage Hair Colour


E P I S O D E 144

What we'll be talking about

In this podcast episode, I’ll be sharing the Secret of why choosing Gold instead of Natural Base is not your best option for Fashion colour Grey Coverage, including Redheads!

As a hairdresser, I understand there's a lot of misleading or contradictory information about hair colour formulations out there. Some are created by brands to scare you into thinking their colours are the only ones that will cover grey. It's time to stop sacrificing brightness and tone with fashion colours (including redheads) for grey coverage and vice versa.

It's also time to stop blaming the brand you use.

Show notes for podcast episode 149

To achieve consistent and predictable grey coverage results, always opt for ‘N' in grey coverage, including for Redheads! ‘N' is more predictable than using ‘G'. Most ‘N' series already contain Gold, so in fact, you're already using some Gold when you opt for this.

If you have a Redhead grey coverage request and choose to use ‘Gold' you might get grey coverage. You might also get Root Glow. You will definitely get more Gold than desirable and probably end up needing to correct it with toners. Don’t do it! Gold is a “NO” from me. Whatever the percentage of grey your client has is the percentage of ‘Natural’ or Base colour you will need to successfully cover their greys.

Trust me. That works. I’ve built my wildly successful haircolour business by becoming the go-to girl for when Redheads find their first grey.

It only takes one unhappy Redhead to ruin your reputation as a Hair Color Specialist, but if you're able to cover their greys and keep it “natural-looking” without Root Glow or Banding they'll become your most loyal raving fan.

My signature program ‘Hair Painting for Redheads’ includes group coaching, lifetime access to all tutorials, a private student community to ask questions and seek formula advice for individual clients, plus all the theories, techniques and case studies to help you become a Hair Colour Specialist that is confident with every colour request, including reds. This is now evergreen, which means you can enrol at any time when you’re ready as opposed to doors only opening once or twice a year. 

My fast-track course that’s ready to enrol and dive in straight away to the lessons is called ‘How to Formulate Redheads, including Greys’! It is a steal at the price of $129. You’ll make your investment back easily, with just one redhead client, when you become a fearless formulator.

Listen to learn more in Episode 149 of the Colour Kristina Talks podcast to learn the secret to Gold Grey Coverage hair colour.


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