Episode 148

Slice Time off your Foil Highlighting


E P I S O D E 144

What we'll be talking about

Wondering how to slice time off your Foil Highlighting? In this episode, we answer that question. 

I love foiling! And foiling fast is kinda my jam. I foil fast after a long consultation to make sure I share my client's vision. 

I wasn’t always fast. My first full head of foils took me somewhere between 3-4 hours. I can’t remember. I lost count after 2 hours of weaving.

That’s not the case anymore. I smash them out. It’s possible to slice time off your Foil Highlighting with just a few small tweaks. 


Foil highlighting is here to stay. It is not outdated. It does not create stripes unless you want to make stripes, and then go ahead … chuck some triple-layer slices in and get that 90s chunky vibe happening.


Foiling is customisable and can be fast when you know how. I’m going to share how with you in this super fast episode. It’s my quickest conversation in the whole show's history because I just know if this episode title grabbed your attention, you’re after a fast chat.

Show notes for podcast episode 148

The fastest foil angle and technique is to combine 45-degree angle slices or weaves in 4-quarter or quadrant sections. Decide on whether you’re doing a full head of ½ head. Divide the head into 4 sections  & then slice or weave your way through each section.

It’s fast and it’s fabulous!!



  • Diagonal foils are faster than any other angle
  • Diagonal foil highlights best suit layered hair or hairstyles with movement
  • Diagonal full head of foils takes half the time of a classic horizontal set of highlights
  • Diagonal placement through the top of the head is the most versatile technique
  • If you want to slice even more time off your foils you must stop folding your foils

Listen to learn more in Episode 148 of the Colour Kristina Talks podcast to learn how to save time off your Foil Highlighting.


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