Nobody knows what you need in the salon better than a colour loving hairdresser, which is why Kristina Russell has custom-designed these for salon use. The boards are a hard-wearing and artistic tool, that is a must-have for your hairdressing kit. You can use these boards for colour melting, freehand, balayage, block colouring, traditional foiling, lowlighting, highlighting and any hair painting technique. These are the original and the best design on the market. Beware of cheaper imitations! Designed for all Hair Painting techniques, including freehand and applying colour directly onto the board for faster Balayage and Freehand lowlighting techniques.

You can wrap multiple foils over the board and remove them one at a time when working on classic foil techniques. This board is incredibly versatile and looks gorgeous amongst your tools setup on your hairdressing trolley ready to paint hair as your canvas.

Hair painting boards are perfect for junior colourists or any hairdresser wanting assistance with tension and colour saturation. This colourful and convenient tool is designed to help control the hair with freehand and balayage techniques. Pull the board along the underside of your section when painting to give support and allow even colour penetration without product wastage. Smooth texture allows colourists to apply clay or traditional lighteners with ease. Superior results require premium tools. Discover what creative colourists are raving about! This is a fabulous addition to your haircolour kit for bleaching and painting techniques.

Glitter Balayage and Foil Boards are made in Australia using high-quality acrylic products. All of the boards are made to order in Australia. Acrylic sheets come in a wide range of colours and glittery finishes, making this the perfect material for hair-painting boards. We have 10 different colours to choose from, ranging from shimmery classics to modern one-of-a-kind gemstone hues.

Dimensions:  30cm (11.91” ) long x 11cm wide (4.33 “) x 3mm (0.118 “) thick. Perfect size for standard foil techniques and fast freehand applications. The boards are machine cut and sanded by hand based on my specific design. Rounded edges are curved on one end to allow foils to be wrapped around without tearing. Straight edge sides are designed to ensure strength and durability.

SHIPPING POLICY: Orders are packaged up and sent every Tuesday from Sydney, Australia. I have lots of boards here ready to go but I don’t have everything in every size in stock all the time so please allow for up to 3 weeks for delivery. Your order should arrive within a week usually pending delivery times, however, please allow more time to avoid disappointment. Overseas orders should allow for extra mailing time.  

NOTE: hair colour that has a very high ammonia content may cause some cloudiness to appear on the surface layer in some colour options. Glitter Board colours will vary on different computer/phone screens.

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