Episode 25

Let's talk about colour corrections

and why they scare us, shall we?


What I'll be talking about

Are you ready to learn the exact process that I follow to create transformative hair colour corrections for my salon clients?

This episode of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast is your ultimate guide to corrective Haircolour techniques and realistic consultations, understanding colour theory for hairdressers, whilst painting transformative colours that make clients happy. 

Keep scrolling down to download your free 20 page ebook – The Ultimate Guide to Colour Corrections.

Some of you may already know that I love colour corrections, and that I offer creative solutions to my clients on a daily basis. In fact most of my new client requests are corrections. Actually let’s face it every colour we do for a new client is probably a correction of some kind, because they are coming to a new hairdresser to fix something or work on a problem that they hope you can solve.

There has been a dramatic spike in interest for people to dye their hair at home. This is actually a thing or a trend called LOCKDOWN LOCKS., and it's been an interesting part of the covid-19 reaction for people to radically change their hair (For better or worse).

Show notes for episode 25

I have been working really hard for this special podcast episode to coincide with the launch of my 2nd ebook. It’s called the Ultimate Guide to Hair colour Corrections and something I know for sure is it's your ultimate guide to corrective Haircolour techniques and realistic consultations, which will help you in understanding colour theory for hairdressers, and painting transformative colours that make clients happy. 

You will learn: 

  • How to have a well thought out strategy on Hair-painting for major changes.
  • How to develop a strong understanding of Colour Theory principles.
  • Confidence to paint and know how to meet client expectations.
  • An awareness for simple and complex approaches for colour corrections.
  • Everything you need to consider before painting your next client.

want to know the secret to removing your fear for corrections?

It can be as easy as  taking a DEEP BREATH AND COUNTING TO FOUR. 

Breathe in…1…2…3…4… Well that's part of the process. Let me break it down for you.:

Corrections can be broken down into 4 different easy steps. Do you need to ENHANCE or COUNTERACT the existing undertone to achieve your client’s vision? Do you need to GO LIGHTER or GO DARKER?


Decide which of these 4 issues your client needs resolved:

1. Too warm

2. Too cool

3. Too light

4. Too dark

Each client can be just one of these issues or a combination of a few. Each issue needs a solution and approach. Break it down into segments and remove your fear. Learn how to test strand for going darker or lighter plus more when you listen to episode 25 of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast. 

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