Episode 19

Peferction Point Planning for Hairdressers

with kristina russell


What I'll be talking about

Learn how to maximise every booking for financial success, along with how to power book your clients into committed investors in your biz.

Perfection Point Planning is a system to help Hairdressers plan ahead and know-how to measure success. Learn my exact steps to scale your biz in rebooking rates, retail recommendations, service suggestions and customised care for every client.

This takes a little time to setup, but when it becomes a regular process you will notice how fast it becomes and more importantly how much this can help your service revenue grow.

A perfection plan is a system to help you maximise every booking in the salon EVERY DAY! This can help your service revenue grow. It is something that you can do on your digital bookings or on printed appointment pages. Basically, this is a system to help you forecast what is expected for the day ahead, which then allows you time to BEST PREPARE FOR CHANGE or improvements. For example:

  • You can suggest change
  • You could look at what the client is booked for and suggest a larger session if time permits
  • You can look at maximising sales by pre planning what treatment would support their hair colour or cut
  • You could also look at your rebooking and retention rates and write down a target for rebooking that client in 6 weeks time
  • Or perhaps you could just write down it is time for a change (because let's face it! Lazy hairdressers that don't offer change lose clients)

Let me break it down for you:

My exact steps for successful Perfection planning

Every morning I look over my Colour Schedule to identify clients that may be due for a creative change, homecare, treatments, & style suggestions. At the completion of each day, I tick in a red pen which points we achieved. I prepare for a Successful Day and maximise all opportunities.

These are the basic components for setting up perfection points:

  • Print out appointment day sheet (or work on your digital booking page on an ipad or smartphone).
  • Write down notes next to each client for suggestions, eg. haircut add-on, time to try a fringe, sell a treatment, go blonde or try something new etc.
  • Throughout the day keep checking your appointment page and refer to the notes you wrote in your plan and share with each client.
  • At the end of each day it's time to quickly tick or draw a love heart  (whatever symbol works for your unique style) and the aim is to tick off every succes and then record what to try next time.

I write any missed opportunities into their colour notes ready to suggest next visit, along with my formula notes. It’s all in the setup for success.

5 things to include in a Perfection Point Plan:

1. Increase number of services booked

2. Suggest a change – and by this I mean let them know I was thinking about you and wrote a note to try something new this time… would you like to know what I was thinking?

3. Suggest a hair cut or blow-dry as opposed to just a quick blast dry if time is available.

4. Look at last products purchased – check specifically how that product is working and if they need more PLUS suggest something new this time. eg: last time was shampoo and conditioner then this time a hair spray and texture powder.

5. Rebooking – write this down and stick to it. Don't say just give me a call.

IF YOU ARE A TEAM LEADER OR SALON MANAGER:  I suggest that you debrief at the end of each day to discuss which opportunities we missed and which were achieved to celebrate the win’s and work on the potential. And when I say “potential” I prefer this word than mistakes or another negative language.

This gives the team a chance to ask for any support they  might need to achieve those goals, perhaps like training on a new treatment or styling product.

IF YOU ARE A FREELANCER OR SELF-EMPLOYED HAIRDRESSER: I suggest that you do this as a solo exercise for accountability and goal setting. This is exactly what I do! And to be completely transparent, sometimes I get too busy and don't do it. The days that I don't do this exercise of Perfection Planning are the days I don't feel in control or creative. I just try the next day to prioritise it or have found that it actually works to book in a 15 minute task at the beginning or end of my day to do this. Book it in! I promise you it's worth the 15 minutes to do so.


Links and resources


click this link to see a perfection plan


click this link for another plan example


This is a link to my insta


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