Perfectly Peachy

by | Aug 13, 2018

Pastel colours are usually tints of any hue, usually in full saturation, but in their lightest values, as paints become when they are mixed with a great deal of white.

The colours of this family are usually described as “soothing”, “soft”, “near neutral”, “milky”, “washed out”, “desaturated”, and lacking strong chromatic content. Pink, Mauve, and Baby Blue are typical pastel colours in Fashion and Design.

To create a Pastel Haircolour it is important to have the ideal blonde base as your canvas to create a hair masterpiece.

Peach Hair is trending and works well on a warm blonde base with texture. My personal approach is to create dimension with different colours mixed and painted throughout the head, because I have discovered painting pastels  require some hair to be brighter to hold the colour for more longevity. Hair is a fibre or canvas that doesn’t stand still, and therefore painting different strengths (or varied brightness of pastels) will allow hair to stain strongly on some strands, whilst fading to expose the underlying blonde faster on other hair strands.

Recently I had the pleasure of transforming an aspiring Sydney model from school girl to a fashion forward Sydney fashionista. Each step was based on universal Colour Principles that can be used with any brand of haircolour that you love, plus my knowledge of Colour Theory learnt whilst studying Textile Design + Printing at Sydney’s elite National Art School 10 years ago.

How to get the WARM BLONDE canvas:

Peach is a warm pastel and therefore works well on Golden Blonde or Bleached hair, which can be solid or highlighted. Basically the direct dye will grab on the blondest hair strands with more brightness, and will look warmer on darker blonde strands.

How to create the PERFECT PEACH:

  1. Shampoo and setup the hair with your preferred treatment or plex.
  2. Apply custom blend of pastel Haircolour or your favourite pre-mixed direct dye colour
  3. Hot tip!! Try not to Comb the colour through the hair, because the pastel pigment is very gentle and can be disrupted when trying to stain the cuticle. Comb the hair before application and then paint you hair dye down the hairshaft  for an even result.
  4. The artistic results can be varied by using varied formulas throughout the head… or my fave results are darker roots melting into pastel ends, and its as easy as adding a Clear or Conditioner to your original root colour.
  5. Have fun! Remember pastels are a temporary haircolour and should be frivolous and fun for both you as a Haircolour Artist and for your fashion conscious client

x Kristina

Dying to try this trend?!

Come visit me at the salon as a client. I would love to help you achieve your pastel dream hair. I can create custom mixed colour conditioners for you to maintain your colour at home between visits, so ultimately you are the master of your own colour.

Don’t be colour shy! 

I would love to see your Perfectly Peachy creations. Please tag me in your social media

x K

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