Episode 39

It's time to be a Colour Artist…

stop being a colour chartist!


What I'll be talking about

In this episode, I’ll be sharing why you need to step out from the back room and stop stroking that colour chart whenever you can’t decide what haircolour to mix up. I’m going to help you to paint and know why for every client request!

I am sure the title of this podcast is making you wonder what this episode is all about. If you are subscribed and listened to last episode when I was talking last week with Dom Lehane from How to Cut it! You would have heard a little teaser, but for those of you that are new here or don’t listen sequentially I will let you know a little more about this theme before I share an anecdotal story.

My message for all of you is to stop relying on your colour chart too much. I have seen so many hairdressers (myself included) stroking the little teeny tiny swatches on a colour chart when you’re not sure what to do. It is like you are hoping that if you rub it long enough some magical genie might appear to mix your colour and apply it and do the rebooking and the whole she-bang! For those of you who don’t live in Australia she-bang means the whole package or the whole lot, depending on what you are referring too.

 In episode 39 of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast, I share my 6 steps for successful colour formulation and technique decision making for salon professional hair colour services. And yes, you guessed it… none of these steps include stroking the hair swatches in a colour chart or showing your clients the chart.

Show notes for episode 39

listen to the podcast and then take this challenge

Here’s my challenge for you…. I want you to try and go for one whole day without pulling out your colour chart. That’s doable, right?

And then next week try two days without pulling a chart out and stroking the hair… and then week 3 stop taking it out to show clients and by week 4 it’s going to become a tool or resource referred to only when needed. Because after all, you already know your stuff! And you are in the top 10% of our industry. Want to know how I know? 

I know that you’re in the top tier of our industry because you love education & because you’re listening to this podcast to learn more about haircolour or biz tips and this title got you intrigued.

So I applaud you for tuning in and turning up to this podcast, and this confirms you are in the top 10% of our industry that choose to continue education throughout their careers. Therfore you are definitely skilled to take your hair painting artistry away from the fear of stroking a chart & step into the salon with confidence to paint and know why. I believe in you.

Listen to episode 39 of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast to learn more about my personal experiment in creating this episode with a challenge for you. Yep, I did this challenge too! In fact, I changed salons and changed colour brands and worked without a colour chart for more than 6 weeks. Sounds crazy, right?! I share openly what worked well and what didn't in this scenario… and you'll be suprised to learn very little went wrong. You must listen to discover how to become free of colour chart control. Enjoy this episode colour lovers! 


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