Episode 43

It's giveaway time! 

There's 20 podcast freebies ready (for you) to download


What I'll be talking about

In this episode of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast, I’ll be sharing how to access my podcast freebies and why you need to jump on my website podcast blog page to access all the fabulous learning resources designed to help you scale your biz.

It's giveaway time! I have made some freebies for you. Lots of them in fact. In this episode of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast, I’ll be sharing how to access my podcast freebies and why you need to jump on my website to access all the fabulous learning resources designed to help you scale your biz.

So many gifts are ready and waiting for you. Several of my special guests have created ebooks and downloadable workbooks, plus I have created an extensive library of free digital resources for you to download and start using in your training sessions at the salon or as your own personal resource library.  

Every single podcast episode has a linked podcast blog. And it's super easy to find these. For example if you are listening and loving episode 3 – just add /3 to the end of my website…. or if you are loving episode 25 then just add /25 to the url. Bingo!! I made it super easy to just add the episode number to the end of my website www.kristinarussell.com.au/ 

Show notes for podcast episode 43

there's 20 podcast freebies ready to download (yes, for free!)

Make sure you tell your hair besties! This episode and podcast bog will share the list of where you can find all of the podcast freebies, so it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Share a post on your social media (screenshot of you listening to the podcast in your insta stories) and explain why in the caption your mates must listen to this episode.

  • Have you noticed that I promote an ebook  during the intro of every  podcast? The Ultimate Guide for Hairpainting Redheads is promoted at the beginning of every episode.
  • My website is mobile friendly and easy to use if you are listening on your mobile or viewing on your desktop computer.
  • I made the urls for every blog easy to remember if you prefere to listen and then jump on your computer to access the downloads.
  • This is Episode 43 – which means there's 43 blogs with learning resources ready for you to read to learn more on topics you love
  • There’s also 20 + podcast freebies ready and waiting for you to download wherever you are in the world and whenever you want.

learn how to find your freebies to download

There are 2 options for downloading a freebie. I have a few optin boxes at the bottom of each page or to the right hand side on my blog page, or you can find links at the bottom of each blog page. That’s where you can also find the interview guests links and other handy resources.

Here's the long list of podcast freebies that you will want to download and share with your hair besties (hint: send them this web page link so they can access the ones the want, so that's www.kristinarussell.com.au/43 )

  • Episode 2 – Social Media Strategies for Hairdressers – freebie ebook at www.kristinarussell.com.au/2
  • Episode 3 – Colour Chords – freebie ebook at www.kristinarussell.com.au/3
  • Episode 4 – Money Mastery +  Financial Freedom for Hairdressers with Jessica Giles of Chic Money – freebie ebook on 25 Wealth Creating Journalling Prompts at www.kristinarussell.com.au/4
  • Episode 5 – The Ulimate Guide for Hair Painting Redheads – links to my fabulous ebook on the same subject matter at www.kristinarussell.com.au/5
  • Episode 6 – Gender Free Hair – podcast freebie is a downloadable learning resource called the Gender Bread Person (suitable for explaining gender + sexuality to children or adults alike) PLUS a full transcription of the interview with Kristin Rankin of the Dresscode project at www.kristinarussell.com.au/6
  • Episode 7 – Confident Consultations with a “shared reality” between Clients and Hairdresser – Get your FREE Consultation Cheat Sheet at www.kristinarussell.com.au/7
  • Episode 8 – Branding + Digital Marketing with Hayley Mears of Six Underground Media – freebie ebook at www.kristinarussell.com.au/8
  • Episode 9 – How to Create a Niche and Attract Your Dream Clientele – freebie is an editable worksheet to help you Know Your Niche at www.kristinarussell.com.au/9
  • Episode – Hot Roots, Hashtags and Color Tips with Formula Boss David Stanko – the podcast freebie is a printable wall chart on Pasta Shapes for Haircolour at www.kristinarussell.com.au/10
  • Episode 12 – Hair Cutting + Consultations with Expert Educator Tom White – freebie is a 12 month hair plan to use with your clients to prebook at www.kristinarussell.com.au/12
  • Episode 13 – Three things you need to know: About managing you own PR – freebie worksheet to help you plan your own PR at www.kristinarussell.com.au/13
  • Episode 14 – Expert Color Solutions with US Colourist Elaine Travis – Freebie wall chart for your colour room on Formulating Glazes and Zone Toners at www.kristinarussell.com.au/14
  • Episode 18 – Creaitves can be Profitable, with Kym Krey – FREE Ebook by Kym, The Essential Guide to Staff Performance at www.kristinarussell.coma.u/18
  • Episode 23 – Free Icons for Instagram – Download the best 15 hair themed icons for hairdressers at www.kristinarussell.com.au/23
  • Episode 24 – Email Marketing for Hairdressers with Hayley Mears – Download your freebie Social Media Audit Checklist at www.kristinarussell.com.au/24
  • Episode 25 – Let's talk about Colour Corrections – FREE 20 PAGE EBOOK!! Download your Ulitmate Guide for Colour Corrections at www.kristinarussell.comm.au/25
  • Episode 28 – The only 3 Foil Angles you ever need to know! – Download your Foil Angle cheat sheets (mini ebook) at www.kristinarussell.com.au/28
  • Episode 34 – How to Thrive as a Hair Stylist with Laura Symmons – Download the exclusive Colour Kristina Talks Podcast ebook created by Laura for this episode at www.kristinarussell.com.au/34

Links and resources


this links to the free redheads ebook


this links to colour corrections ebook


dm me on insta @colourkristinatalkspodcast


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