Episode 46

In Conversation with Hairdressing Legend Kris Sorbie


What we'll be talking about

Over the past 50+ years Kris Sorbie  has achieved star status in the hairdressing industry and is one of the most sought-after influential global educators in the hairdressing industry today.

In this episode of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast, we’ll be talking about colour, being inspired, how to find the right mentor and what colour is success.

The original Creator of Ombré, former Global Artistic Director for Redken NYC and President Kris Sorbie NYC.

Kris Sorbie’s diverse background as an Art Director, Colour Innovator, Educator, Business Consultant, Video Producer and Director, gives her the unique ability to integrate technology, innovative trends and fashion-forward artistry to the forefront of the salon industry, whilst simultaneously working on numerous shows, seminars and global humanitarian projects.

She has a proven record of Salons, Stylists and Students who realised their potential, their goals and their success. She has the unique ability to translate her expertise into profit potential in the salon which paves the way for a better life for stylists both financially and creatively. Kris is totally comfortable whether presenting on a main stage or mentoring individuals, stylists, salon groups, owners, students and others.

She’s achieved the role of Lead Stylist on many NY and LA Fashion Week shows. She has been a guest speaker at TeenVogue Fashion University NYC, Leading Ladies and The EmpowHerment Project and judge for NAHA (North American Hairstyling Awards) and many other global hair award competitions. Kris was named ‘Icon of Color;’ a prestigious honour awarded by Intercoiffure NYC for being the originator of Ombré the haircolour technique.

Her awards include NAHA (North American Hairstyling Awards) two-times Winner, Master Hairstylist of The Year, seven-times Nominee and Finalist of the Avant-Garde category, just a few of the accolades Kris has been awarded. People say to meet this extraordinary lady is inspirational, a valuable experience… She touches hearts like no other.

Show notes for Podcast Episode 46

did you know ombre was inspired by cat fur? Me either! (until now)

Kris Sorbie  set out to create animal texture and this turned out to be Ombré. Her original inspiration came whilst stroking her cat at home and alaysing the strands of fur to be diferent colours roots and tips. Many people said there's no way people will want to wear their hair with darker roots… well they sure were wrong! Half the world are wearing some form of Colour Melt or Balayage or Ombré, and this means that Hairdressers across the globe have made lots of money painting these colours. We have a lot to thank Kris for painting this onstage in 1997 to teach us how to variation along the hair strand, that's for sure! 

 “Nature intend there to be variation in strands of hair” – Kris Sorbie

I have been privileged to work with Kris Sorbie on several occasions when I was a Redken Global Performing Artist, and in fact she and Ruth Roche were the first International Guest Educators I ever assisted many years ago in Sydney. Her ability to talk with models with integrity and respect was unlike anything I had witnessed before. This experience blew my mind and switched on how incredible international education could be, and how it was so integeral to do for my career as a colour specialist. In fact, I was selected to be a part of an International Mentoring Program offered to 10 people a year by Redken 5th Ave NYC, which led me to work on more global projects and witness Kris Sorbie's magic as a mentor and fellow colour loving hairdresser at numerous events. And I am blesssed to also be able to call her a friend.


Kris Sorbie's top tips to finding a mentor:

  1. Do your research on google
  2. Find someone that is teaching the skill/s you are seeking to grow
  3. Seek a mentor that produces salon professional work that inspires you to become better
  4. Surround yourself with supportive people
  5. Are there people at your salon that are keen to experiment and play with you? (mentoring one another)
  6. Decide if you are seeking face-to-face or just 1:1 mentoring – this could lead to options of online mentoring or finding someone local to work with you in person, depending on your preference


Listen to Episode 46 of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast to  learn more about Kris Sorbie NYC,  Iconxxx on youtube, mannequins that are inspiring to learn on, pro tools, mentoring and how to find the right Mentor, the evolution of Ombré.

 This podcast was created to help uplift you, inspire and help you feel more connected. There's a lot of online education out there now and podcasts like this can help you stay in touch during a year when a lot of us are experiencing lockdowns or salon closures and other challenges. We share this conversation with love and gratitude to all our listeners. Take care x

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