The comprehensive guide

Hair painting
for redheads

Would you like to LEARN HOW to formulate the perfect (and natural looking) Red for every client? my FREE Ebook guide is the ultimate checklist to ensure that you have:



A well thought out strategy on Hair-Painting for Redheads



A strong understanding of Colour Theory principles



Confidence to paint and know how to meet client expectations



Everything you need to consider before painting your next client RED or COPPER

About Kristina Russell

Kristina Russell is a celebrated and multiple award-winning haircolour specialist and educator based in Sydney, Australia. She approaches hair like an artist would a blank canvas; layering colours in interesting ways to create wholly unique looks for her clients. As a respected authority on colouring techniques, she also takes her artistry around the globe to share her knowledge with international clients. Having been at the pinnacle of hairdressing for more than two decades, Kristina’s work has been photographed in publications in more than 30 countries.


Would you like to LEARN HOW to formulate the perfect (and natural-looking) Red for every client?  My free ebook is the ultimate checklist for Hairdressers seeking to grow their confidence with Hair Painting Redheads.

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The Podcast

If you are a Hairdresser or Salon owner with creative ideas but you’re feeling overwhelmed when it comes to finding your niche, and how to approach every client with confidence, then this is the podcast for you! The Colour Kristina talks podcast shares practical industry advise for colour loving Hairdressers.

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