E P I S O D E 144

What we'll be talking about

In this episode, I’m sharing something I have never done before on the podcast. I’m spilling the tea on how to achieve copper hair colour with a special audio recording from one of my recent live masterclasses.


I’ve just wrapped up teaching 3 live online classes for hairdressers. I’m so thrilled that we had more than 2,000 hairdressers and salon owners register to attend.


That makes a total of approximately 4,000 Hairdressers that have viewed and learned about my world-renowned approach to hair painting for reds and copper hair colouring. So I’ve done something a little different for this episode.


It is an expiring podcast episode. This will be something you can only listen to for a few days before I remove it from all the listening apps. 

In my online class, I announced that my all-time favourite online program Hair Painting for Redheads is currently on sale with an incredible $200 off the regular price. That’s reduced from $795 to $595. This podcast is the audio recording of my most loved live online class ‘How to Achieve Copper Hair Colour without Red or Root Glow’.


I’ll be sharing this podcast for as long as the VIP Masterclass sale is on and this will expire (just like the class replay does) when my special price ends on Monday 16th October. 


Because the masterclass is recorded on a live stream video platform you will notice a slight difference in audio quality. Bear in mind that you’ll just need to listen for a minute or so and your ears will adjust to the sound difference & you’ll be loving it so much that you’ll barely notice.


Click this link to enrol now and learn more about my online program Hair Painting for Redheads.


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