Episode 151

Peroxide Choice for Redheads


E P I S O D E 144

What we'll be talking about

In this episode, we’re talking about Peroxide Choice for Redheads. I’ll be sharing with you 4 must-know pro tips specific to choosing developers for intermixing with red and copper hair colours.

Why is no one talking about redheads with unwanted patchy glowing haircolour? It's insanely important to know how to avoid hot roots and banding with reds but hairdressers seem to struggle with this and clients are trying to ignore the problem and just accept it.
It doesn’t have to be like this!
Now this is where colouring for Redheads can get very tricky, because not everyone wants to look like they just stepped out of a salon, right?

Many red and copper clients want it to be “natural-looking” and ROOT GLOW is NOT NATURAL-LOOKING! It looks like the colour formula is a F*ck-up!
Let me help you…

Show notes for podcast episode 151

In just a few days' time, I’ll be teaching a Live Masterclass with Q+A about how to achieve copper haircolour without red or root glow. If you’re not already registered, RUN, don’t walk to click the link for your FREE ticket. Save your seat now.

I have also included 3 pre-recorded bonus lessons that are ready for you to get instant access in the lead-up for the big main event. This is the first time I have taught these 3 bonus subjects. Each bonus runs for 20 minutes. These bonuses are topics usually reserved for students within my paid programs. They have never been shared for free… until now

I’m covering How to achieve Strawberry Blonde and Auburn Hair. Both of those bonus lessons are packed with pro tips and each contains 3 brand-free formulas for you. Plus the 3rd bonus lesson in the leadup to the free masterclass will teach you how to grow your colour business and make more money by becoming the go-to hairdresser for redheads.



4 things to remember when picking a peroxide for Redheads:

  • 10 vol best suits Base Breakers for warmth
  • 20 vol is suitable for GREY coverage and RED
  • 30 vol is suitable for COPPER tinting
  • 40 vol suits any RED that needs 3-4 levels of lift or Strawberry Blondes

Listen to learn more in Episode 151 of the Colour Kristina Talks podcast to learn peroxide choices for Redheads.


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