Episode 47

And that's a wrap! 

this is the finale episode for season 1 of the colour kristina talks podcast for hairdressers and salon owners


What I'll be talking about

What a challenging year 2020 has been! This is the final podcast for the year. In this episode, we’ll be talking about how to debrief your day or year or an event. So if you don’t have a strategy to know how to celebrate the wins and objectively acknowledge what needs to improve then this is the podcast for you!

Podcasting has changed my approach to education. I have practised and refined the art of talking to a screen and just imagining your face whilst we have a conversation. I had to learn loads of tech stuff & I have never been the tech team at any hair show. So I changed my belief system and just keep trying and failing fast and trying again until I got it. I had to evolve this year. We all did. All my workshops were postponed and then cancelled and refunded and then salons closed and we had lockdowns. I have tried to be consistent with my social media, but also not put pressure on myself.

My favourite phrase or quote I keep saying to myself is “progress over perfection”. I learnt that form my biz coach Jessica Tutton, and she is helping me learn how to do my own marketing and other biz stuff that as a Hairdresser I never knew how to do until now.

Show notes for Podcast Episode 47

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  1. Key Point #1: I am Celebrating the wins
    • 47 episodes
    • I have learnt how to blog, and how to create ebooks in canva, and how to attach these to my blog
    • I am learning how to build an online course at the moment using Kajabi
    • Just in case you are wondering about what podcast host I am using or how I schedule my podcast, because perhaps you are keen to launch a podcast – it is called Libsyn and I record my solos on mac program Garage Band…. And my interviews on Zencastr, which is free. 
    • Scheduling I use sked social and sked link – have you seen my link in my insta bio? If not check it out. And sign up for sked link to create something similar. Soooo good!!
    • Celebrating growing from 0 to 20,000 downloads. This is a passion project and something I am creating to give back to the industry that I love. I am not paid nor sponsored to do this. I pay my editor and pay the podcast host, but all guests are guests. They are also doing it to give back and pay it forward to hairdressers and salon owners, so make sure you listen and follow their instas or send them DM’s of encouragement. My guests have helped me create dynamically varied topics. I have loved and learnt so much from every single guest. I love how it helps to mix up my colourful solos with inspiring conversations. That’s what a hybrid podcast is all about.


    Key Point #2:  I would love to help you by sharing the contact details of my team on events and online (so you can connect with them for help if seeking this too)

    • My podcast editor is incredible! I met Tom, Director of Nocturnal Hubcap Records on Airtasker when I was looking to learn how to do my own editing. We did an online zoom lesson for garageband. He was incredible! And then I thought why do this myself… outsource and hire a professional. And that’s exactly what I did. He makes the sound balanced and creates magic after I do the recordings. This helps to keep me in my genius zone, and that’s how I like to work. My genius zones are hair painting and teaching colour for hairdressers. And that’s what I love to do! 2020 has been a year of pivoting like a MOFO and also a year to let go of unnecessary pressure to try and be everything to everyone. 
    • My online team for biz support and professional development are a combination of the secret fox education and being a member of the social salon school. Both of these are online memberships & both have been integral in helping me scale and grow my business to what it is today. 
    • Hayley Mears and her crew at six underground media I cannot thank you enough, and I hope she listens to these podcasts. She is the best in the biz for social media and digital marketing concepts for salons. Again I will drop the links in my podcast blog. Recently I bought her 3 month social media curation package with a monthly email for clients included that is a copy and paste style format. It’s brilliant! Check out my instagrams and see if you can notice a difference in the last 2 months of posting. I mix her tiles in amongst my client pics, but also use some of her captions when I need help. Again outsource to the experts. 
    • I would also like to thank my partner Jaz and the cats Ferris and Florence. We all share the apartment and I must admit this year has been challenging to get quiet times to record, but I love the fact I can work from home a few days a week on content creation to help serve your education needs.


    Key Point #3: I am so thankful for each and every one of you. Thank you for listening and subscribing to the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast. Want to know what podcasts I have been listening to? I will share my top 3 picks.

    • I like to listen to Stevie Says Social podcasts. Particularly her older episodes from 2019 for service-based business tips. Her more recent podcasts are aimed at course creators and instagram specifically plus podcasters, which are still great… but I think check out her website for some free and paid classes that are all fantastic to help you with your socials or starting a podcast from scratch, like I did this year.
    • For fun – I am loving Dolly Partons America.
    • For money mastery and mindfulness I listen to Femme Financial Freedom by Jessica Giles
    • And of course How to Cut it in Hairdressing with Dom Lehane EP 170. Click here to listen to this chat
    • What else are you listening to? I would love to know. Send me a dm with suggestions to my insta @colourkristinatalkspodcast

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