Episode 53

7 is the lucky number when painting Copper. Here's why…


What I'll be talking about

In this episode, we’re talking about hair painting for coppers and why the number 7 is your only option for colour choice when creating a classic orange copper hair colour.

Would you like to learn the exact process that I follow to create beautiful Coppers for my salon clients?

Well, you're in luck! Because I am going to share my methods for creating classic orange-based coppers with a numbering system that works with every single colour brand.

Show notes for the podcast episode 53

the 5-6-7-8 rule

Have you heard me talk about the 5,6,7,8 rule before in previous episodes? In case you have missed this, let me break it down….

My approach to hair painting for redheads is based on these 4 numbers. I literally sing it out loud when deciding on my levels for salon clients and it saves me every single time. Those rare times I don’t sing it and I don’t nail the formula for classic orange copper I realise it it’s too red or too gold I have not grabbed a Level 7.

Trust me!

This truly works every single time. And I know several of my listeners and students sing it in their salons too. Because it works! So here goes! 5,6, 7, 8.  I always start at 7 equals copper and then higher is copper-gold and lower than 7 is red. That is the simplified version.

7 is the lucky number when painting Coppers. Here’s why! 

  • Level 7 is where orange lives in haircolour scales when you are looking at the level numbers from 1 being black and 10 being blonde.  This includes Level 7’s undertone when lightening hair from dark to blonde exposes orange if lifted to a Level 7 PLUS Level 7 artificially dyed hair OR a Natural Copper haired person are all Level 7’s
  • I was taught when hair painting for coppers you must always use a Level 7 copper with 9% 
  • Level 7’s are orange-based colours and anything lighter or darker will not be a true orange

    This podcast is all about why Level 7 is the only choice when it comes to Hair Painting Coppers & as you know choosing the hair colour tube is only half the equation when it comes to formulations, right? We need to select the right peroxide strength too! In this episode, I will help you know which peroxide to mix with your Level 7 for natural-looking customised copper for every single client request. It's integral to paint and know why with confidence in your formulations before you start mixing up your colour in the salon. 

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