Host Kristina in your place


Curated training for your team and hair besties

Leap forward to the next level of your career and learn Kristina’s unique approach to colour theory for hairdressers! This unique education offering is aimed at bringing small teams together for a day of fun interactive education hosted by a Salon Owner that encourages inclusivity. This could also suit a collective group of hairdressers that would like to come together for a customised day of colour education.

Curated education offers flexible options. Motivational demonstrations are an incredible way to bring teams together for guided colour exploration and professional development. This type of program is aimed at Salon Owners that have a small team and want to bring Kristina into their space for a customised training. The Salon Owner would be responsible for filling the required number of people to cover Kristina’s day fee for customised education. Invite your hair besties to join your salon team for a dynamic day of customised learning.

For this program to be a success the hosting salon must provide their space for a day and cover Kristina’s transport costs if outside of Sydney, plus help to fill the class with the necessary number of 10 students at $300 per head. Payment plan available. Booking requires a 50% deposit.

What's included

  • Hands-on practical session or Demonstration or both
  • 6 hours of education in your space using the brand you already love
  • 30 minute phone or zoom consultation to create a written session plan
  • Visual Slide presentation for Colour Theory + Technique placement
  • Workbooks or Head sheet diagrams depending on curated topics being taught
  • Curated education offers flexible options - design your own class to suit you and your guests colourful goals, or choose a private session of an existing class offered on the website
  • Date will be offered and confirmed after payment receive

Payment plans

Payment plans can be manually set up. Please use this form to request your payment plan.

About me

An exceptionally talented and true artist, Kristina Russell has been at the pinnacle of hairdressing more for two decades. She’s worked in some of Sydney’s top salons prior to joining Edwards & Co. – a warehouse studio housing Sydney’s most innovative freelance hairdressers.  

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I am the Australian Ambassador for the dress code project. The Dresscode Project is an alliance of salons providing safe spaces for the LGBTQ community.

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