Episode 18

Creatives Can Be Profitable

With kym krey, salon business strategist


What we'll be talking about

Epiosde 18 of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast is dedicated to helping creatives learn how to be profitable. Our belief systems are so often what limits us! If you want to learn how to grow your creative business, this is the episode for you!

Kym Krey is a Salon Business Specialist with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience spanning over 35 years. She’s all about pushing through barriers to achieve success, and she’s built a reputation for getting results fast, coaching teams to achieve success. There is a misconception in the world that being creative means you will never earn a living, or perhaps you have been told before that Artists never make money. 

This episode is a myth buster! We are talking about how creatives can be profitable. If you manage a team of creatives and want to learn how to grow your creative business, make sure you listen to this episode! And keep scrolling to the bottom of this page for an awesome freebie downloadable learning resource – The Essential Guide to Staff Performance.

Show notes

created for colour loving hairdressers + Salon owners

Hi there! My name is Kristina Russell aka @ColourKristina, and the host of The Colour Kristina Talks Podcast. I am a Master Haircolourist + Educator that has ten’s of thousands of followers on my socials plus 20 years of teaching classes of my own design around Australia and across the globe from large scale hair shows, to small intimate salon trainings, and naturally diving into podcasting was my next step to reach more people with free to access inspirational education to help  you in all areas of hairdressing and the biz behind it to support your growth.

There is a misconception in the world that being creative means you will never earn a living, or perhaps you have been told before that Artists never make money.  I know I was told to consider whether studying at Art School would be a good choice or not based on the ability to make money, which is why I reached out to Business Strategist Kym Krey to help craetives (like me and my listeners) to know how to create systems based on values to acheive profit and success, as opposed to setting figures and targets. 

I met Kym many years ago when I was a regular featured writer for Hair Biz for several years, which helped me develop my writing skills for blogging which has since turned into writing my podcasting show notes.

I asked Kym to share her top tips with my listeners:

Kym partners with many businesses (not just hair salons) and her niche being able to spot problems before they happen. Here's her top tips for creatives to become profitable;

  • Old beliefs can be the biggest blocks
  • Shift in thinking – We discuss why it is so important to reconnect with your reason and purpose
  • Build a team of prodcutive and profitable people around you
  • Skill sets need to change and elevate at each level of professional development – avoid holding on to past success as you progress to new levels
  • Know your strenth and Know where and when to get support
  • Numbers – don't be afraid of this!! Numbers are just telling a story about what is going on in the biz
  • If you are a creative or managing a creative team – speak in core values and not in dollars!

Keen to learn more?

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