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It only takes one wrong colour for a redhead to ruin your reputation.

Hair Painting for Redheads Course

Become a Hair Colour Specialist, and watch your salon clients refer everyone they know to you.

Things are a little different at the moment.

Reds make you nervous.

Just last week, you were washing your client’s hair at this basin when her roots were so bright they could be seen from space. F*ck. You smiled through gritted teeth as you wracked your brain on what to do to correct the colour.

The truth is, last week wasn’t the first time. And it won’t be the last. 

Until you learn Creative Color Theory. 

Become the go-to hairdresser for natural redheads when they find their first grey hair.


Grey coverage colours for natural redheads are challenging! Their hair is their crowing glory and the sparkle has gone. They need you to blend greys without anybody else knowing.

But that’s not the case. You’re struggling. You make every client too brown or too red (and sometimes fluorescent at the roots…eek!)

Recently, you noticed a grey blending colour developing too brightly. You asked a friend to do a drive-by of their chair and make it not look too obvious when taking a look. Is it time to panic yet? There is a secret nod shared between the hairdressers that alert the client that something is wrong. How do you salvage it?

You might fix it. The hair looks OK when they leave the salon.

The reality check is the client complains at their next visit about the patchy bands in their hair caused by you changing the formula every visit because you’re guessing what to do. Most clients won’t come back to give you that second chance. You’ve lost them.

Until you learn how to formulate grey coverage for natural-looking redhead clients.

Let me guess…

You are currently struggling with painting reds and coppers in the salon

Imagine approaching every hair colour request with confidence, including reds.

You were never taught the difference between formulating Reds and Coppers versus Blondes and Brunettes.

Reds are challenging.

You’re currently guessing what to do. Some of your clients are loving your fashion colours & calling you the Queen of Coppers… until you accidentally dye their hair too bright when they revisit.

Here's the tea: if you want to avoid F*cking up Reds, you must learn to combine Creative Colour Theory with Science. But most people just end up guessing formulas or blaming the brand they use — and shocker! — it doesn’t work!

Until you learn Hair Painting for Redhead techniques and Corrective Colour Strategies to confidently fix the f*ck ups because let’s face it… things don’t always go to plan!

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Hair Painting for Redheads Course


Formulating customised brights or natural-looking results for red and copper clients whilst working behind the salon chair (with any professional hair colour brand) just got a whole lot easier with my proven Hair Painting Redheads 5-6-7-8 system.

let me ask you?


How would your salon business be different if you could advertise you’re a Red Hair Expert?

Some salons believe their location will not have any red requests, but in fact, it’s because they are not offering reds they are not getting these requests. Redheads need a great hairdresser (like you!)

can you imagine formulating every warm hair colour request with artistry and confidence?

Hair Painting for Redheads is a misunderstood niche area of hairdressing. If  you are avoiding painting reds or coppers to avoid making mistakes it's time to remove your fear!



how would it feel to transform into an expert hair painter for redheads?

This program is designed to support your transformation from Artist to Expert. You will have a strong understanding of advanced colour theory and techniques necessary when hair painting redheads.

The secret to painting “Natural” Redheads” is as easy as counting 5, 6, 7, 8!

Can you imagine formulating every warm hair colour request in your salon with artistry and confidence? Let me help you with my 5-6-7-8 System!

Level 5 is Cool Red. Level 6 is Red. Level 7 is Copper. Level 8 is Copper-Gold.

Sounds simple, right?! Understanding the levelling system is the secret to Haircolour success when hair painting redheads. Who is this crazy Colourist sharing her secrets before you buy the course? Hi, my name is Kristina AKA @ColourKristina across social media!

I’m a Master Hair Colourist that specialises in reds and copper hair colouring helping clients achieve their dream hair and helping hairdressers understand how to create customised reds for their clients easily.

I’ve searched YouTube, watched hair shows, copied Red formulas off Instagram and even shown my clients the colour swatch book to let them choose something, just like you probably have. It simply doesn’t work! I jumped out of my comfort zone to enrol in Art School for a few years to understand the principles of colour mixology and combined it with the science behind hair colouring to create my world-renowned approach to hair painting for redheads.

Using my unique 5-6-7-8 Level Up System, I’ve transformed my salon business into the destination redheads travel to and tell all their friends about, charging premium prices for specialised services, earning six figures in my chosen niche of hair-painting for redhead clients.

As an Independent brand-free Educator, I’ve helped thousands of hairdressers grow their confidence with all things colour, consultation, personal branding, creating a niche clientele, social media and biz tips, plus how to stay inspired whilst making more money.

Currently, I’m helping hundreds of students in my online course community transform into Hair Painters that slay all things Red! 

Here’s How It’s Done:


step 1

Grow your knowledge of creative colour theory fundamentals to start formulating red and copper hair colours STAT. This is your foundation phase to look at reds through rose-tinted glasses and fall in love with them again. Paint some swatches, mannikins, and hair models. Let go of limiting beliefs and immerse yourself in the program with an open mind.


Step 2

Start painting the town red! People get excited when they know you’re learning new techniques & some will volunteer to be your in-house model. Perfect for practising and filming to promote your new skills on social media to attract dream colour clients. This is the connect, paint, create phase… which leads us to grow your confidence and your clientele! 



Promote yourself as a Hair Colour Specialist that loves painting red and copper, including welcoming nervous natural redheads to see you for their first salon colour. Your redhead requests will skyrocket in the salon! You’re formulating colours & painting hair with the confidence of an Artistic Expert. You become the go-to Colourist for redheads and those dying to be one.

Check out some of the wins from my Hair Painting for Redheads students…



The proven hair colour painting and levelling system that GUARANTEES you grow your salon colour business with red and copper hair colour clients by leveraging simplified strategies that withstand the test of time.

Transform your relationship with red and copper haircolouring, make more money and uplevel your salon colour clientele in every way imaginable.

I created this course to stop Hairdressers and Salon Owners guessing their formulas when asked for a Red or Copper haircolour while working behind the salon chair and to boost creativity without costly mistakes or redos.

It’s The Difference Between Struggling with Hot Roots or Easily Colouring Every Red Request Like an Expert.


When you master Hair Painting for Redheads, here’s what happens…

Your formulas are calculated with confidence

Meaning you know exactly what your target level is and how much lift or deposit you’re going to need. Your colour choice is easy! You never felt so good.

Your colour wastage and redo costs go down

Increasing your profitability for every dollar spent on colour stock and taking more of the profits. No more wasting colour when you panic you mixed the wrong thing.

You masterfully approach every warm hair colour request like an Expert Hair Colour Specialist

and you'll know exactly what to do with your eyes closed. You don’t need to show your clients that swatch book. You formulate in seconds instead of talking clients out of choosing red today.

The result?

More Happy Colour Clients = More Money


how we roll

When you enrol in Hair Painting for Redheads, you get instant access to:


5 training modules with video tutorials to help you master Hair Painting for Redheads


9 Step-by-step Hair Colour Placement Techniques to help you create customised hair colours for clients using any professional hair colour brand


Technique Worksheets with Formula & application pro tips


Fundamentals Hair Painting for Redheads Theory Video Tutorials


Hair Colour Formula support with help from our online student community


12 months Access to the private Facebook Community for support


4x 60-minute Group Coaching video calls where every question gets answered


Lifetime access to the online course (including an easy-to-access app on any device)

I want to help you have the same
success I did.

Go from….

Frustrated & overwhelmed with all the options in your colour chart confusing you
Clear and confident with making a decision on what colour to mix

Go from….

Feeling nervous or scared every time a client requests to try red or copper
Being fearless in your artistic approach to hair painting redheads

Go from….

Making mistakes on busy salon days that are costing money in redos
Feeling calm and grounded when hairpainting for new and existing happy clients
Hi there! My name is Kristina


I am a brand-free Hair Colour Educator delivering unbiased education grounded in foundational colour principles that deliver results no matter the brand. 

Nobody taught me how to paint reds and coppers with confidence. I learnt through trial and error in the salon. I was the Redo Request Queen for a while before I became the Queen of Reds. I get it. Red hair is challenging!


So many Redhead clients (or those dying to be one) have sat in my salon chair because no other Hairdresser could get their hair right. This inspired me. I tested lots of formulas in the process of creating my world-renowned 5-6-7-8 Level Up System for hair painting redheads.

Thousands of hairdressers have transformed their relationship with colouring red hair using my creative colour strategies.


here's what you're going to get:

You will gain lifetime access to Hair Painting for Redhead's program. This includes limitless access to this exclusive online course for Hairdressers and Salon Owners, with the added bonus of 4 group coaching calls in a private & interactive Facebook support group with plenty of opportunities to ask questions, plus the other epic bonuses included within this online course.

The program is broken down into 5 core training modules. All course materials, including videos, technique tutorials, workbooks, ebooks, client case study video tutorials and hair colour placement cheat sheets are within the online student portal.

Module 1

 Set Up for Success

This Module sets you up with foundational training in colour principles for hair-painting redheads. You will be set up for a successful journey from newbie to confident hair artist with lessons designed to give you confidence and be grounded in colour selection, choosing the best tone for client suitability, and the exact processes you can follow to develop into an Expert Hair Colourist.


In this module you will learn how to;


You will learn everything you need to consider before painting your next client RED or COPPER.  I will share how becoming an Expert Redhead Hair Painter can completely change your earning potential and help you attract new dream clients (just like I did!)


Let's unravel the mystery of Colour Melts, Colour Balancing and Colour selection for hair-painting Redheads. I will teach you lessons from Art School adapted for hairdressers to paint and know why for every red hair request in your salon.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to formulate the full spectrum of reds from darker tones to lighter shades, plus the secret to “natural” tones in Reds.


Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an Artist. It's time you unravel the mystery of shade selection for clients requesting red based on their complexion, eye colour, existing hair colour and lifestyle.

Module 2

Principal Based Colour Theory for Hairdressers

This module teaches you the skills you need to become a Hair Colour Specialist confident in all aspects of hair painting for Redheads. These lessons will teach you how to choose the most relevant technique and determine when you'll need to use a single or double process red, plus salon-friendly strategies.

In this module you will learn how to;


Wondering what is the best way to approach long roots & transformations? This is the only formula you’ll ever need for every red with any professional colour brand.


It’s insanely important to know when to use permanent tint with peroxide versus semi-permanent toners or colours for redheads. You’ll be surprised to learn that it’s not what you think!


Double process hair colour is not just for blondes! Learn how to create predictable results for new and retouch clients that like change easily!


You will learn where Copper naturally occurs in the levelling system and why that’s so important when creating Golden Copper and Natural Copper.


Unravel the mystery of pre-lightening for brightness, plus discover when and why you would decide to bleach hair before colouring.


Learn techniques suitable for adding dimension to red hair & pro tips you can share with your clients to help them prevent fade between salon visits.


This is a take-action lesson with practical tips to expand your consultation language to entice more clients to try reds, whilst knowing how to price for profit.

Module 3

Hair Painting for Reds signature collection

In this module, you will learn how to paint every red and copper hair colour request with the skills of an Expert Hair Colourist. 


This includes 9 salon-friendly techniques designed to make your salon life easier! Every technique is customisable and suitable for every salon professional brand and adaptable from trend to trend.

In this module you will learn how to;

dive deep into why hair painting reds is a niche

Hair Painting for Redheads is different from Blondes and Brunettes. I will share my expertise in this niche area of hair painting for reds, coppers and strawberry blondes to help you attract new clients to scale your salon biz with tips for social media and salon marketing.

learn hair painting techniques

Learn my personal collection of signature salon friendly techniques to help you paint hair like an Expert with 9 technique tutorials. These include: 

  1. Classic Copper with 100% grey coverage
  2. Virgin Tint for longer roots or virgin hair
  3. Base Breaker + Face frame to create Strawberry
  4. Textured Foil Pattern suitable for Darker Reds
  5. Tint Retouch with Colour Balance for redheads
  6. Long Red Ombre Hair-Painting with Base & Vivids
  7. Basin Balayage for Reds and Copper clients
  8. Foil Highlights + Zone Toner on a natural Redhead
  9. Black to Red with pre-Bleaching


Learn new techniques with the added support of closed captions to elevate our learner experience. These can be switched on or off to suit your learning style.

Module 4

Advanced Tips & How to fix unexpected outcomes

In this module, you will learn the expert approach for common salon scenarios and how to avoid unexpected outcomes. This module is all about building your expertise beyond the fundamentals module in this course. Plus what to do if you have an uh-oh or an oopsie happens in the salon. This is where Art & Science & Confidence combine beautifully! 

In this module you will learn how to;


Learn the ultimate mixing ratio of Natural and Fashion shades necessary for 25-100% grey coverage for natural redheads. You'll never see hot roots or translucent results again with my insider secrets revealed.


Toning Reds & Coppers can be creative or corrective. Learn how to formulate toners for brightness, depth & longevity with pro tips to help you slay every toner decision!


Learn how to utilise your high-lift or special blonde colour series to lift dark brunette 4 levels lighter without the need for bleach. It’s time to dust off those 11 series colour tubes and mix like an Artist!


Let's face it… things don't always go to plan, right? Learn how to fix RED F*ck-Ups in the salon, including dropping the roots if they're glowing and lightening the ends or bands in the hair if they are too dark.


Unexpected outcomes do happen! In this lesson, you will learn practical redhead correction techniques to apply when you’re correcting your own work in the salon.


Learn why red is not the best filler option when it comes to taking a Blonde Copper or Red, and discover the options of direct dye filling versus traditional approaches.


Learn strategies for clients with henna in their hair wanting to change to having a salon professional colour with you, plus tips on what to test before agreeing on a customised hair plan.


Learn to use a colour stripper to remove colour buildup to create the ideal canvas for hair painting reds and copper hair colours without bleach.

Module 5

Salon Client Case Studies

In this bonus training module, you will have the opportunity to virtually stand beside me to watch my client processes step-by-step from the comfort of your own salon.

This module is filmed by me with a tripod in my salon sharing real-life clients seeking expert strategies for beautiful red and copper haircolour. I share my exact processes with you as if you're working beside me in the salon learning through observation in these lessons.

In this module you will learn how to;


In this case study, you’ll learn how to approach a client with bleached ends and 4 months of dark brown regrowth to transform into a healthy vibrant Spicy Copper. Techniques include contemporary virgin tinting, filling, freehand painting, toning and customising for curly hair.


Within this colour retouch application, you’ll learn how to formulate a soft golden copper colour for a maintenance client and paint lighter sun-kissed dimensions with an easy & fast freehand technique. 


This tutorial is a client case study transforming a client from being a blonde client with existing baby lights with 4 months of regrowth to a Copper. Techniques include virgin tinting, how to decide if you need to fill or lighten, plus basin balayage and glazing.

Enrol now and you'll get access to these

Bonus resources

Confident Consultation Training for Hairdressers LIVE Masterclass

This special bonus Masterclass will teach you how to approach every consultation with confidence, and how to achieve a shared reality with your client of what's actually possible for them on their hair. Learn my exact steps to discover how to listen and suggest what technique is possible for the time allowed, plus how to make creative suggestions and hot tips for quoting. Suitable for all levels of Hairdressers seeking strategic systems to maximise their colour revenue with clear colourful conversations.

(Value = USD$149)  Included inside of Hair Painting for Redheads program

12 months access to a private Facebook group for support & accountability

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions within the Facebook student community. The support doesn’t stop after the 4 group video coaching calls. This is a take action course, which is why I have set it up to be a combination of pre-recorded video tutorials that you can work through at your own pace, plus have my support with 2-way learning to ask questions after you practice the techniques in your salon. You will have unlimited access to the private Facebook group and the online course, where I will engage with all members regularly and answer your hair painting for redheads related questions.

(Value = USD$149) Included inside of Hair Painting for Redheads

4 x 60-minute Group Coaching Video Calls in a private group

Join me and the other Hair Painters in the program with 4 BONUS COACHING live videos in a private supportive interactive Facebook group to help with accountability and strategic problem-solving. It's important to learn the methods and practice these in your salon to lean further through exploration. Let us help celebrate your wins and troubleshoot any unexpected outcomes together in these sessions. Coaching Calls are recorded & replays are available in a private group for limitless replays.

(Value = USD$795) Included inside of Hair Painting for Redheads program

Social Media & Branding Masterclass to help you attract new dream clients

There’s no point learning all these new skills and consultation tips and tricks without knowing how to promote your business on social media, which is why you’ll also get an EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD of 100 hashtags to help attract your dream clients seeking different shades of red hair. Plus we will have a Branding Expert present an exclusive masterclass within the private Facebook members group to show you how to update your salon messaging to include hair painting for reds and coppers.


(Value = USD$149)  Included inside of Hair Painting for Redheads program

When you enrol today,
you'll get:


9 Haircolour Technique Tutorials (USD$675 value)


Fundamental Hair Painting for Redheads Theory Tutorials (USD$449 value)


Confident Consultation Training for Hairdressers LIVE Masterclass (USD$149 value)


12 months Access to the private Facebook community for support (USD$395 value)


100 Hashtags Ebook for red and copper hair to help you attract new dream clients (USD$23 value)


4x 60-minute Group Coaching video calls in a private group (USD$795 value)


Bonus Module: Client Case Studies (USD$795 Value)




Total Value = USD $3430

Hair Industry Icon Testimonial

“Kristina Russell is a Reds and Coppers Hair Painting Master Colourist, an artist who speaks about colour in colourful names”

Kristina Russell is a Reds and Coppers Hair Painting Master Colourist, an artist who speaks about colour in colourful names. Having worked beside her as an Educator for many years, I know how these, ‘paint a picture in our minds' which in turn enhances our learning… as an Educator she relates to colourists of all levels, they learn techniques that are easy to understand and follow that makes them totally ‘translatable and adaptable' from client to client and, trend to trend.

Just look at her social media pages to see her exquisite reds and coppers worn by models she's worked on and, by her clients. Learn how to paint customised colours, blended with creativity and confidence in knowing those reds will last as only Kristina Russell can show you how…



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Hair Painting for Redheads Online Course with Coaching

Newsflash: creating some reds without root glow does not make you a successful colourist.
That’s why there are so many natural redheads or those dying to be one calling other salons to make a booking or dancing with the devil itself — box dye DIY! 

That’s what happens when you ignore the science of red hair colouring and try to skip to the good part, without learning how to combine colours like an Artist with the mindset of a Creative Scientist. And that’s why this course is so focussed on the results.

Success Stories

“Her expertise in redheads is astounding and much needed in an industry flooded with blonding techniques and workshops.”

Kristina is an absolute treasure in our industry. Her positive energy and smile are contagious. I love the way that she draws out the creativity in her students and always thinks outside the box. Her expertise in redheads is astounding and much needed in an industry flooded with blonding techniques and workshops. Her colour language is clear and easy to understand for all levels of hairdressing.



Elaine Travis

Brand Free Haircolour Educator and Author of a Colourful Journey, USA

“Kristina has a wealth of knowledge to share both technically and creatively.”

I have been inspired by Kristina and her colour work since I was an apprentice preparing for a Sydney Hair Expo mainstage show many years ago. Having now grown as a hairstylist and colourist with 15+ years of global experience as an Educator, Freelance Session Stylist and Colourist, I have attended several of Kristina’s education events. Kristina is inclusive and hones in on all learner types allowing you to get creative whilst understanding the science behind it. Kristina has a wealth of knowledge to share both technically and creatively. I promise you will have a colourful fun time with Kristina!

Alisha Mortensen

International Session Stylist and Master Hair Colourist, Australia

“I have translated her teachings to many different colour brands with ease throughout my career.”

Kristina Russell has always been my biggest mentor in the hairdressing industry. From attending many of her courses as a student to assisting her at her courses, without fail I will always walk away with new learnings. Kristina is mesmerising when she facilitates. Her energy is fun and approachable and she facilitates in a language that can be converted into everyday life so it’s easy for all in the room to understand what she is teaching. Kristina knows how to engage her audience with the use of professional humour. I’m always laughing and having fun in a @ColourKristina workshop. I have translated her teachings to many different colour brands with ease throughout my career.

Nathan Weymouth

Hair Colour Artist and salon owner, , Australia

Try hair painting for redheads for 7 days

100% satisfaction guaranteed

We want you to be 100% confident when you enrol in Hair Painting Redheads. There’s literally no risk involved because you’re backed by our  7-day money-back guarantee!  Buy it, try it, apply it.

You’re backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. For more details click here for terms and conditions.


if you've made it this far you deserve this!

it's the right time to invest in yourself

The thought of a client entering the salon and asking for a red or copper colour transformation shouldn’t fill you with panic and worry!​​​​​​​​​

What if I told you there’s a way to formulate customised brights or natural-looking results for red and copper clients and actually feel excited about these requests?

It’s true. My proven Hair Painting Redheads 5-6-7-8 levelling system, Creative Colour Theory, placement techniques & strategies taught within Hair Painting for Redhead's online course will help you create those natural-looking reds and coppers (with any professional hair colour brand) without hot roots and you being a hot mess!

Don’t let another year go by before you understand the secrets to successful techniques that will expand your clientele to welcome natural redheads and fashion colour lovers. You need to get inside ‘Hair Painting for Redheads today, so you can begin painting every warm hair colour request with artistry and the confidence of an Expert Colourist.

I believe education goes beyond the fundamentals and application techniques. I believe I am the right teacher for you if you're seeking a passionate, experienced hair colourist that is technically grounded in all aspects of colour theory. My mission is to help stylists globally to improve their mindset and self-belief, in addition to actionable skills.

Check out some of the wins from my Hair painting for redheads students…

Jen Haffeman, USA

“As I continue with the training and feel more confident, I think everyone should really dive back into reds education because it's a missing market. I think people are terrified in a salon to tackle reds since an intimidating hair colour to take on. So, I would a million percent recommend this course, it's amazing! ❤️”

Pontus Eric, Australia

“I would recommend the Hair Painting for Redheads course to everyone. It doesn't matter what level you are in the industry. This is a unique course that covers the fields of reds and coppers which is a category in our industry that we don't learn so much of! Kristina will give you everything you need in her own unique way!”

Angie Dimenna, Canada

“I would recommend not only the online course but also Kristina's LIVE coaching calls which are amazing because you can ask questions to overcome your obstacles and doubts plus if you miss the calls, you can always view the replays!”

Rozlyn Thomas, Australia

One of my ‘Hair Painting Redheads' graduates, Rozlyn is sharing how my online course Hair Painting for Redheads has helped her achieve dream results for her clients! 

Rozlyn is a blondes expert for 18 years and a salon owner for 11 years. She specializes with blondes at Bella Mia Hair Salon. Catch Roz and many other experts in the industry in their journey during our live coaching calls that is a special bonus inside the course.

Stacey Juratovac, USA

Listen as one of my graduates, Stacey, talks about the results she sees from using her new skills & knowledge learnt in my online program ‘Hair Painting Redheads'.

Stacey is back behind the chair with 28 years of experience in the industry. She is a colourist at Head2Toes Salon Suites and she tells us all about how she overcame her fears in colour formulation and her new favorite 5-6-7-8 technique she learned inside the course.

Alisha Mortensen, Australia

Watch Alisha share about how confident and happy she now feels when painting redheads.

She opened her own salon @almorstudio and works independently on her clients without a team to bounce ideas with & is achieving her salon biz goals, plus new client attraction. I love this for her!! She can join our group coaching calls with other students for accountability and support when needed or catch the replays if she’s too busy to attend the live sessions.

You have questions. I have answers.

Q: Does it matter what hair colour brand or range I am using?
A: Absolutely not! Haircolour formulas will be discussed in a universal language that is transferrable to every brand.
Q: What level of Hairdresser is this for?
A: This program is awesome for Emerging Colourists, All-rounders, Haircolour Lovers, Salon Owners and any Hairdresser looking to develop their hair colour skills to be more confident with reds and copper hair colour techniques in your salon that clients will love.

If you are already highly experienced with red and copper hair colour techniques this course might not be suited for you. If you're unsure please let me know your educational goals via email so I can help you decide if this program is suited to your needs. Email hello@kristinarussell.com.au

Q: Why are the prices listed in US dollars? And do the prices include GST for Australian students?
A: I charge for my online course and education programs in US dollars. They are listed in American currency of US dollars on my website. This is a global online program and the US dollar is most suitable for this purpose. Please note the current foreign exchange rates applicable at the time of purchase.


I am a registered Australian Business that is registered for GST (tax). All Australian customers/students are required to pay 10% goods and services tax within Australia, however, my program prices are GST inclusive so there are no additional tax charges at the checkout for you.


Check live foreign currency exchange rates with this Currency Convertor: https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/

Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A: Yes. There are 2 payment options.

The Best Value is One payment of $695 USD (saves $40USD).

Or you can choose the 3 instalment payment charged monthly at $245 USD which in Australian dollars is approximately 3 payments of $395 (may fluctuate slightly due to the exchange rate on the day of purchase).

Q: what if i sign up and don't have time to complete the lessons?
A: You can work through the course modules at your own pace with unlimited access. This is plenty of time to watch the tutorials and put the training into action. The program takes approximately 12 hours to watch, which is the equivalent demonstration time of a 3-day in-person masterclass.

Watch it all at once beginning to end or watch one module at a time and progress with active learning practice. It's up to you and created to suit many different learner styles, including yours! There is an expectation you will practice the techniques within the 3-4 months after enrolment so you can participate in the bonus group coaching calls in the private member's Facebook group.

Q: what makes this different to other online hairdressing courses?
A:  I understand you might have tried learning hairdressing in an online course before and not learnt anything because it was not interactive. Me too, so I made this different! You are not expected to just watch and memorise a pattern, and you can watch the tutorials as many times as you need with unlimited access for your personal professional development. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions within the private Facebook group and you can also write questions in the online course portal. The coaching and support live streams are designed to help you become a hair painter that slays!
Q: can i share my course purchase with my hair bestie or salon team?
A: No. Your enrolment in Hairpainting for Redheads is just for you to excel from Artist to Expert. I have created this program for single purchase use and it is not to be shared or distributed with other Hairdressers. This program is a multi-layered course with pre-recorded tutorials, plus group coaching, and direct support for your personal professional development. 
Have a different question? Send an email to hello@kristinarussell.com.au

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most flexible payment option

One-time payment of


best value (save $200)


4x 60-minute Private Coaching Calls
If you would prefer to work 1:1 with me in 4x 60- minute Coaching video calls (valued at $1,500) instead of Group Coaching there are limited positions available in my VIP upgrade program. You can select VIP upgrade when you enrol and book 4 private coaching sessions at a time that suits you (including recordings for limitless playback) to elevate your craft with extra personalised attention.


 Total Value: $3,663

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