Episode 154

Exploring Bowlyage Techniques and Bib Innovations for Hairdressers

with Belynda Bennetts of Hello Bleach


E P I S O D E 144

What we'll be talking about

In this episode, we’re talking about sustainable professional hair colouring tools and why you need them in your salon to paint like a Hair Artist! 


I’m about to let you in on a big secret.

You simply have to try it.

There is nothing else on the market like this. This is the next generation in hair styling and colouring that is stress-free, functional and sustainable. Recently I shared my hot pink Hello Bleach Bib in an Instagram post that instantly grew to more than 10, 000 views with my hair besties all over the world asking how they can get one of those.

I reached out to the Australian Hairdresser and female Entrepreneur/ Inventor Belynda Bennetts and invited her to be on this show to chat with us about her incredible tools for hair artists.

Show notes for podcast episode 154

LET’S MEET OUR GUEST – Belynda Bennetts

Belynda is a dry cutter, haircolourist and inventor. She used to work with weighted capes. She has a blonde clientele that loves having their hair freehand painted, balayaged and foiled. Belynda hated the idea of the silicone mat falling off client's shoulders. Clients lean back and forth. The colour oozes. The mess didn’t look good. It is a problem in our industry. Belynda fixed it with the Hello Bleach Bib.


The bib keeps the hair from kinking and is more sustainable than using multiple layers of towels. The client can wear the cape from a salon chair to a basin bowl. It’s fabulous for techniques such as Bowlage and Freehand, plus long hair colouring and anything that can tend to get messy. The Hello Bleach Bib keeps the client clean and it looks super professional


Hello Bleach is a female-owned Australian company that manufactures and produces an innovative range of recycled salon tools. Belynda has partnered with an Australian manufacturing plant to produce an innovative collection of patented salon tools, in the NEW Sustainable Hardware Collection for hairdressers. She had a vision for producing hairdressing tools that made life easier when colouring. She also wanted to create unique tools that helped create clean, precise colour work, seamlessly and tools that also help reduce product and water waste that took a load off the planet as made from recycled plastic.

These products are made from recycled plastics, helping Australia move towards a circular economy and close the loop on plastic waste in Australia. Additionally, Belynda wanted to ensure they were easily accessible to brands from Australian shores, without importing more virgin plastics from overseas.

Belynda wanted an easily attainable and cost-effective sustainable solution for hairdressers and salon brands rather than choosing overseas plastics, to be able to easily purchase unique and ergonomically designed recycled plastic salon tools that are also 100% recyclable and can continue their recycling life cycle.


  • I love the Pink (of course!!) Hello Bleach Bib
  • I love the open-ended Whisk for whipping colour into a buttery consistency (which reduces product use and is much easier to clean than standard whisks)
  • The Vegan leather bib is ideal for Extensions, Styling and Dry hair-cutting
  • I love all of the colours but my favourite is definitely the pink range of tools

Listen to learn more in Episode 154 of the Colour Kristina Talks podcast to explore bowlyage techniques and bib innovations for hairdressers.


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