Episode 152

Basin Balayage is for Redheads

(not Blondes)


E P I S O D E 144

What we'll be talking about

In this episode, we’re talking about Basin Balayage and why it’s better for Redheads than Blondes.

Basin Balayage for Redheads is something I started to offer in the salon several years ago when I saw a need for shifting clients from unwanted or darker-than-desirable red tones to Copper. It’s another technique strategy that was born out of colour correction problem-solving with a creative approach.

I truly believe that Basin Balayage is better for Redheads than Blondes and will be sharing why in this tell-all podcast episode.

We're going to explore how basin balayage can work wonders for our auburn, ginger, and strawberry blonde clients. We'll also break down why it may not always be the best choice for our blonde bombshells. So, whether you're a seasoned stylist looking to expand your expertise or a curious colourist ready to wow your redhead clients, this episode is for you!

Show notes for podcast episode 152

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Basin Balayage lifts hair with warmth

Have you ever created unwanted Yellow for a Blonde client when trying to “boost” their hairline with a little Basin Balay? I sure have! Eeek!

It did once for a client that went the colour of Big Bird in her fringe and internally was freaking the f**k out… until I thought OMG this is puuuuuurrrrfet for REDHEADS that want warmth.

Reds are harder than Blondes and Brunettes. Every level is a different colour.
Level 6 is Red.
Level 7 is Copper.
Level 8 is Gold Copper.

What do you do if your Redhead client has bands or a darker colour than desired?! Don’t panic! Basin Balayage with a low volume peroxide.


Listen to learn more in Episode 152 of the Colour Kristina Talks podcast to learn why Basin Balayage is for Redheads and not Blondes.

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